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Payroll outsourcing services

One of the key aspects of relations between an organization and its employees is the correct and timely calculation of payments which would take into account bonus plans and other incentives applied by the company.

The complexity of legislation, frequency of amendments, and many requirements specific to regions and industries make payroll calculation and payroll tax reporting a complex and laborious process that requires the timely monitoring of the latest changes and their prompt implementation in the payroll process.

Payroll outsourcing allows a company to focus on its core business and minimize computational errors and risks posed by the human factor, and grants access to regular reports on the latest changes in legislation.

By outsourcing payroll calculation to EY, you can:

  • Ensure high-quality payroll calculation and reporting in compliance with the latest legislative requirements
  • Mitigate tax and labor-law risks
  • Ensure the confidentiality and security of payroll information

Why EY?

  • Multiple levels of quality control
  • Familiarity with industry specifics of a client’s business, allowing these to be taken into account in the payroll calculation methodology
  • Basic consultations on laws regulating payroll issues as they apply to current calculations, and clarifications of calculations and applied approaches
  • Initial analysis of incoming calculation data with a view to potential risks in various areas (social contributions, personal income tax, labor law and immigration)
  • Flexible schedule of calculations, taking into account client specifics
  • Communication and reporting in both the Russian and English languages

EY's payroll calculation services may include:

  1. Calculations of payroll, insurance payments and personal income tax
  • Calculations of advances
  • Baseline payroll calculation
  • Additional payroll calculations

Based on these calculations, a packet of reports is prepared, including individual payslips. A set of management reports in the client's corporate format may also be prepared. At the client's request, this packet may be prepared in Russian and English. 

  1. Preparing and submitting required reports on payroll and payroll taxes to the tax authorities and social funds
  2. Preparing a bank file, payment orders or paysheets for purposes of salary payments to employees
  3. Mailing payslips to employees' email addresses
  4. Preparing statements requested by employees
  5. Calculating the number of days of unused vacation for the vacation provision
  6. Advisory services in connection with the calculation of payroll and payroll taxes

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