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Government & Public Sector contacts

Mildred Tan Managing Director, Advisory Services
Government and Public Sector Leader, Asean

Mildred Tan

Contact  |  +65 6309 8200

EY - Tan Bin Eng Partner
Business Incentive and R&D Advisory
Tax Services

Tan Bin Eng

Contact   |  +65 6309 8738

Dilys Boey Partner
Advisory Services

Dilys Boey

Contact  |  +65 6309 6246

Sam Wong Partner
Advisory Services

Sam Wong

Contact  |  +65 6309 6727


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Sovereign debt and public finances today

Jim Turley speaks

Jim Turley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EY, explains how governments' poor financial management has contributed to the sovereign debt crisis.

Stepping up development transformations Stepping up development transformations
A union of the public, private and not-for-profit sectors can help optimize development. Learn how in our fifth issue of Dynamics.

Government and Innovation 2012

Government and Innovation 2012

Watch videos from our May 8 conference in Brussels focused on a smarter and streamlined innovation policy in the EU.

Citizen Today: a time to work together

Citizen Today: a time to work together

As financial struggles continue, governments look at new ways to work together and deliver results - from the Canadian Government’s IT program to Switzerland’s trade promotions.

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