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Leading family businesses have proven crucial to creating growth and jobs in global economies. Our first Global Family Business Yearbook offers insights into the successes of some of the world’s greatest family businesses, and the issues they face.

Across the globe, we continue to see a recovery of the IPO pipeline. Financial performance, while important, is increasingly just part of the story that investors are after. With the push for fuller disclosure on business performance, integrated reporting is the future of corporate reporting.

In the global wealth and asset management industry, organizations will be expected to focus more on transparency, convergence and cost. In the consumer products sector, stiff competition and technology advances are driving organizations to put innovation at the heart of their business, while striving for working capital excellence. A new report on the oil and gas sector highlights that the tax regimes in 80 countries will become more competitive and attractive.

Lastly, read our signature reports to get the latest insights into the Eurozone’s improving growth prospects, and about what governments globally are doing to bridge the gaps between policies and practices.

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Max LohMax Loh
Managing Partner, Asean and Singapore

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