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By 2030, half of the world’s top 50 cities will be in rapid-growth markets, up from a third now.

With continued market liberalization and adoption of new technologies accelerating this growth, realigning business strategies with each unique emerging market becomes crucial.

A key enabler in this process is tapping data analytics to uncover new insights and opportunities. Leaders including those in media and entertainment companies have started to recognize that digital and data must be a business-wide focus. Along with this is an equally strong focus on the protection of consumer data, proprietary information and intellectual property.

Different market forces continue to vastly alter the competition, customer and employment landscape globally. Banks around the world have to act quickly to tap the small and medium enterprises segment, which is estimated to account for more than half of all private sector jobs and GDP worldwide.

Across G20 countries, youth unemployment remains a huge concern and to tackle that, our new report suggests 10 recommendations to spur entrepreneurship to further boost job creation. In another report, we look at how policies can be shaped to build more robust pension and retirement systems.

With financial reporting coming under unrelenting scrutiny, explore ways to improve disclosure and better navigate financial statements in a special report on applying IFRS. For organizations operating in the oil and gas industry, be updated on the performance of megaprojects including those in Asia-Pacific.

Lastly, join us at our upcoming events as we discuss how interest deductibility will affect business financing arrangements, among others.

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Max LohMax Loh
Managing Partner, Asean and Singapore

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