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The “big data” phenomenon is here to stay.

Early adopters will find a huge opportunity to improve risk management by using advanced forensic data analytics to proactively prevent and detect fraud. In becoming “big data-ready”, organizations must also keep up with data privacy laws that protect consumer rights.

As regulatory pressure intensifies, organizations’ compliance obligations will only increase. Technology will become a critical enabler to improve indirect tax data collection and governance across geographies. As well, disclosures of non-financial information that offer a more complete picture of business heath will offer companies a winning edge with investors.

Fierce business competition everywhere is driving asset managers to review their consumer distribution strategies now. The deal landscape is shifting too. Buyers are increasingly determining the success of a deal by how well the integration strategy is being executed. Stability and growth is returning to the private equity and IPO markets. The Eurozone looks more secure in 2014 too.

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Max LohMax Loh
Managing Partner, Asean and Singapore

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