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You and the Taxman

EY contributed a weekly column titled You and the Taxman in the Business Times from September 2004 to August 2005. After the column ended, we decided to continue running You and the Taxman as a magazine publication for you. This magazine provides you with hot topics and insights on a broad range of current and emerging tax issues, as well as practical tips for tax planning and tax risk management. The debut issue was launched in November 2005.

You and the Taxman - Issue 2, 2014 (pdf, 1.7mb)

  • Towards a simpler tax system
  • PIC+: making Singapore’s SMEs more productive
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership: who wins?
  • Withholding tax compliance: getting it right
  • BEPS: the story continues to unfold
  • Hong Kong in pursuit of innovation
  • Managing tax controversy in today’s shifting global landscape
  • Insurance: rewriting the rules
EY - You and the Taxman - Issue 2, 2014

You and the Taxman - Issue 1, 2014 (pdf, 2.6mb)

  • Singapore’s tax code can be simplified further
  • Is a tax hike in sight?
  • The productivity challenge: aiming high
  • Will Singapore tax incentives meet new
    global standard?
  • Preparing for tax transparency
  • Deciphering tax treaties
  • GST in Malaysia: 10 things to know
  • Getting up to speed on FATCA
  • Tax fraud: when power is left unchecked
EY - You and the Taxman - Issue 1, 2014

You and the Taxman - Issue 4, 2013 (pdf, 1.2mb)

  • Common pitfalls in reporting employee remuneration
  • Navigating the choppy waters of transfer pricing
  • Intangible assets: can policy help?
  • Japan's taxman takes, and gives
  • Australia: an investment destination
  • Unlocking the benefits of free trade
EY - You and the Taxman - Issue 4, 2013

You and the Taxman - Issue 3, 2013 (pdf, 2.4mb)

  • The battle against BEPS
  • The impact on Singapore of the OECD’s new tax roadmap
  • Permanent establishments: now you see them, now you don’t
  • Up in the air: taxing the cloud
  • Reining in withholding tax risks
  • Indirect share transfers in Asia cast under the spotlight
  • Managing above the line: how customs planning can save costs
  • Know your entity classification
EY - You and the Taxman - Issue 3 - 2013
You and the Taxman - Issue 2, 2013 (pdf, 1.27mb)
  • The quest for productivity
  • Removal of tax breaks for expatriate employees
  • Making Singapore’s taxes more progressive
  • Widening the anti-abuse net
  • Certainty and consistency a must in India tax policy
  • Modernising the global tax environment
  • An insight into Singaporean anti-avoidance principles
EY - You and the Taxman - Issue 2, 2013
You and the Taxman - Issue 1, 2013 (pdf, 1.6mb)
  • Compliance, controls and controversy: are you ready?
  • Cutting through the tax incentive labyrinth
  • Singapore: The market for ideas
  • Attracting holding companies: where Singapore can do better
  • Extending Singapore’s lead as an asset management hub
  • Singapore and Vietnam strengthen ties through tax treaty
EY - You and the Taxman - Issue 1, 2013
You and the Taxman - Issue 4, 2012 (pdf, 1.9mb)
  • How to overcome common tax return mistakes
  • Widening the scope of the M&A scheme
  • Regionalisation and the CFO’s changing role in Asia
  • The responsibilities of enjoying tax incentives
  • The UK’s drive for competitiveness
  • Inbound and outbound investing in Asia: a tax perspective
  • Taxability of gains from sale of shares
EY - You and the Taxman - Issue 4, 2012
You and the Taxman - Issue 3, 2012 (pdf, 1.8mb)
  • Tax–free treatment of gains on disposal of equity investments
  • Further tax breaks for investing overseas
  • Do not let this opportunity slip away
  • Resolving transfer pricing disputes with APAs
  • Vietnam marches towards a more complex tax system
  • Fitting tax into the deal equation
  • A new or existing investment?
EY - You and the Taxman - Issue 3, 2012
You and the Taxman - Issue 2, 2012 (pdf, 1.7mb)
  • Moving up the productivity ladder
  • Embracing the workforce reform together as a nation
  • Towards greater tax certainty in Singapore
  • A quiet confidence in Singapore’s maritime sector
  • How much are your ideas worth?
  • Time to overhaul the US tax system?”
  • Navigating global trade pressures
  • Vodafone’s quest for tax justice in India
EY - You and the Taxman - Issue 2, 2012


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