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This year EOY is celebrating its 23rd anniversary. In those years, the Entrepreneur Of The Year program has expanded to more than 135 cities in 50 countries with awards presented annually to over 900 of the world’s most successful and innovative entrepreneurs.



EOY country programs

EOY is presented in more than 135 cities worldwide. In 2008, winners from more than 40 countries gathered in Monte Carlo on 28–31 May for the 8th annual World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award. Find out more about the EOY Programs.

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Cao Dewang, Chairman of China's Fuyao Glass Industry Group, has been named EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2009. Read more.

Entrepreneurship and innovation: the keys to global economic recovery

Global economic recovery depends on the proven relationship of entrepreneurship and innovation to economic growth (pdf, 1.2mb). Large corporations in particular must build and sustain innovation-oriented cultures to retain their roles as market leaders. Economic growth is also created by effective public policy — the current crisis is the perfect time for policy-makers and business leaders to support entrepreneurs and innovators at all levels of their economies.

New countries joining EOY

The Entrepreneur Of The Year program continues to expand around the world. In 2008 Colombia and Estonia launched their country awards program. Several new countries joined the Middle East regional program, which now draws nominations from Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Suadi Arabia, Syria and UAE. In 2010, the first Entrepreneur Of The Year in Mexico will be held.



The road to Monte Carlo

The 2008 Entrepreneur Of The Year country winners gathered in Monte Carlo on 28-31 May 2009 for the World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award. Each country winner was inducted into the World Entrepreneur Of The Year Academy and vied for the title of World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2009. Read about these exceptional entrepreneurs representing more than 50 countries.

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