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Human Capital

Drive organizational success through human capital

In today’s globally integrated, tightly regulated and increasingly competitive business environment, one critical success factor stands out: people.

Our Human Capital services offer a “total picture” perspective, integrating global mobility, workplace effectiveness and talent and reward. Through our comprehensive approach, we can help you make the most of your investment in your people.

Mobility Services

How well are you managing your mobile workforce?

Our Mobility Services help our clients manage the complex compliance, reporting and risks inherent in deploying a globally mobile workforce. We offer a suite of mobility services that can help make your global mobility program more strategic:

  • Global mobility tax and advisory
  • Global immigration
  • Assignment services
  • International social security
  • Business traveler services

Talent and Reward

Align your talent to your business strategy

Our Talent and Reward services help clients address the range of issues that are associated with reward strategies, talent programs and maintaining workforce effectiveness. To reach its potential, your organization must continuously improve its performance — and sustain that improvement. We can help you optimize these particular business areas:


We help our clients to structure and harmonize their pay systems. Our flexible job grading methodology allows us to offer our clients the grading systems meeting fully in line with their business requirements and forming basis for effective functioning of other HRM processes. Development of pay bands on the basis of job grades makes it possible to structure the remuneration system, enhance its transparency, identify and eliminate potential mismatches in the business units’ pay systems as well as establish a strong connection between employee's pay level and the complexity and significance of the work he/she does. We have at our disposal a comprehensive market salary database which allows us to assist our clients in establishing and adjustment of remuneration levels and provide online assistance on remuneration system administration.

Short-term Incentive Plans

We understand our clients’ aspirations to optimize and raise the effectiveness of personnel costs. Short-term incentive plans can serve as a tool in creation of a relation between work results and employee remuneration. The incentives help to prioritize tasks at all levels of management and focus employee, unit and overall company performance on the completion of major goals and objectives. By means of strengthening of personnel’s material interest in achievement of the company’s short- and mid-term business goals, overall employee performance raises, which creates synergetic effect on the company in general.

Long-term Incentive Plans (including equity-based plans)

We help our clients to design and implement long-term incentive plans (including equity-based plans). Long-term incentives join interests of the company’s shareholders and non-shareholder management, ensure balance between mid-term goals and steady long-term business development as well as create a retention tool for key managers. We will be happy to render assistance in both development of a long-term incentive program from scratch and analysis of existing programs from the perspective of its compliance with the best market practice as well as goals and objectives of the business considering accounting, tax and other legislative requirements of the involved geographies. With Ernst and Young’s flexible approach and deep understanding of the issue we develop a comprehensive tool for long-term incentive attuned to the specifics of a particular client’s business.

Employee Performance Management

Our solutions help to build an objective performance appraisal system as well as a solid base for managerial decisions. A profound performance management system helps to vector employee operations on business priorities, timely identify and eliminate weak points of the company’s management system, identify and manage talent and serves as a basis for personnel related decision making, definition of employee development and career planning needs. Availability of clear guidance at work as well as objective performance appraisal and recognition system bring employee motivation up and appear to be the key factor for the company’s overall success.

Pensions and benefits

Talent management

HR transactions (due diligence, transaction integration and divestitures)

We apply a full range of instruments and methods to support you at all stages of corporate transactions:

  • HR due diligence: we help to discover and evaluate financial, legal and reputational risks related to employment relations, which can influence final purchase price in the course of transaction. We also assist with definition of additional costs necessary for further business integration in terms of employment relations and help to optimize them.
  • First Steps: long-term success of a business greatly depends on how quickly the company will be able to solve the hottest HR issues after the transaction. As a rule, the issues include maintaining high employee potential through retention of key talent, organization of effective communication system and detailed planning of further integration in terms of HR. Our experience will help our clients to navigate in changed conditions as well as create and keep positive work environment in the times of change.
  • Business Integration: once a transaction occurs, the completion of the objectives set depends on how well the integration of businesses was led. Our experience and methodology will help to promptly harmonize HRM system in all of its aspects, design structure for the new entity's HR function, optimize headcount and create healthy environment for successful development of your new organization as a result.

Global employment tax services

Compensation and Benefits Surveys

Starting year 2000, Ernst and Young has been conducting compensation and benefits surveys in Russia and other CIS countries on a regular basis. As a result, we have developed a comprehensive database on cash remuneration levels as well as HR policies and metrics. Each year up-to-date data on 900+ organizations with more than 300+ positions is uploaded into the database. The conduction of surveys on a regular basis as well as deployment of progressive technology ensure we have most current information on the labor market which we use to supply our clients with "fresh" market pay data in practicable formats. We assist our clients in building of remuneration systems attuned to market practice, structure compensation packages, evaluate competitiveness of current remuneration as well as optimize HR costs.

Learn more about Compensation and Benefits Survey 2013 in Ukraine >>

Trainings and Seminars

Trainings and seminars on human resources management topics conducted by our experienced consultants will help to improve skills and raise qualification of our clients' HR specialists, bring up management's awareness of human capital management leading practices for enhancement of both individual and organizational effectiveness, allow to adopt methodologies and principles of development and optimization of various HR management tools, introduce participants to leading international and local practices in integrated talent management as well as global and local trends on the labor market.

Learn more >>

HR Performance Improvement

Manage your organization’s assets effectively with human resources.
Today there is increased pressure on HR departments to be more efficient by leveraging the organization’s talents, driving profitability and creating meaningful change — all amid budget cuts and hiring freezes.
We can help your company develop and implement programs specifically designed around these areas of HR performance improvement:

HR strategy

HR and payroll risk

We help our clients to navigate in the nuances of Ukranian labor legislation and ensure legislative compliance in the sphere of employment relations. Our specialists will assist to identify possible risk zones and develop remedy solutions, as well as provide ongoing labor law consultancy to your HR administrators. Our balanced approach and rich experience in the area of HR function legislative support makes our clients feel secure on labor law arena.

HR and payroll transformation

We offer initiatives in the field of development of an HRM model that would ensure effective realization of HR function in the company (including development of efficient HR organizational structure). We help to organize HR related work and establish the corresponding business processes in the best way from human, financial, time and administrative resources perspective. While the comprehensive methodology we have developed embodies most practicable solutions in the field, we work hard to adjust our tools to match particular client’s business requirements.

HR and payroll service delivery and sourcing

HR Audits

Full-scale auditing of company’s HR function allows our clients to measure the HR function’s overall effectiveness (with a breakdown into particular sub-functions), evaluate existing HR policies against best market practice as well as the company’s goals and objectives and define the areas for further development. As a result of the audit, we assist in composition of a detailed action plan to boost HR function effectiveness and provide support in its practical realization.


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