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How do I delight my customers and consistently deliver great customer service?

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Customer Service Surgery

In the current economic environment, with price competition increasing and customers becoming ever more demanding, delivering excellent customer service can be a crucial to attracting and retaining your customers.

So, what drives great customer service and how can you deliver it consistently? This highly interactive session will focus on what you need to do to delight your customers and provide an insight into how top performing organisations are tackling this challenge.

Who should take part?

This event will be useful if you:

  • Are growing your businesses and are looking to differentiate yourself to customers and retain the customers you win
  • Are starting to enter the mature phase of your business and are keen to ensure that you are building long term relationships with your customers through the¬† service you provide

Learning outcomes

After this event, you should:

  • Be able to describe what drives delight and dissatisfaction for your ¬†customers
  • Understand the value of customer service to your organisation
  • Be able to identify the key areas of where you can deliver excellent customer service and know how to deliver this consistently

During the session you will focus on

  • Understanding customer needs: What is important to drive delight and satisfaction for your customers?
  • Understanding the key elements to delivering great, consistent customer service?
  • Understand how to apply this to your business via an interactive session to identify how to apply this to your business

Time commitment

4 hours including networking with peers.

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