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Pitching to win clinic

It’s a competitive world and you need to know how to articulate your ideas in oral presentations, often as part of a formal pitch process. This workshop will challenge you to present to EY experts. You will receive real time assistance and feedback on how to perfect your technique, structure value propositions (i.e., how to add value) and personal preparation necessary to win.

Who should take part?

This event will be useful if you:

  • Are involved in persuading people and organisaitons to use your services or adopt your proposals
  • Want to improve your impact and credibility

Learning outcomes

After this event, you will:

  • Have built confidence in presenting yourself in a in a competitive pitch
  • Have improved your delivery style and technique
  • Be able to structure a presentation effectively
  • Be able to to identify client needs and develop a value proposition

During the session you will focus on

  • Preparing your presentation
  • Structured selling and value propositions
  • Pitch perfect guidance to improve your delivery style and technique
  • Practice, practice, practice

You  should come prepared to pitch your  product or service to the EY facilitators. You will have at least two opportunities to present.

Time commitment

5 hours including networking with peers

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