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Supporting entrepreneurs - EY - United Kingdom

Supporting entrepreneurs

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Supporting entrepreneurs has long been a key focus for EY.

Building on our world-class Entrepreneur Of The Year programme, we're expanding our knowledge and pledging our support to the UK's young business leaders and social entrepreneurs with a new programme of free business workshops. The scheme – called Accelerate (1.9Mb, December 2011) – also formed part of the Government’s ‘Business in You’ campaign, which encourages the start up and growth of SMEs.

EY provide a range of thought leadership, activities and events to support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Funding the future: Access to finance for entrepreneurs in the G20
This report assesses key funding challenges and provides recommendations for action that could be taken by entrepreneurs and governments at each of the stages of entrepreneurial development.

Entrepreneurs make call to action to G20 companies
A strong entrepreneurial culture is the foundation of a dynamic economy. Our report examines what nations can do to incentivise entrepreneurs and create jobs.

Igniting innovation: how hot companies fuel growth from within
Today, more than ever, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive in corporate America. What can your organization do to cultivate this spirit of innovation and retain “intrapreneurial” thinkers?

Nature or Nurture? Decoding the DNA of the entrepreneur
Are entrepreneurs born or bred? Through our Entrepreneur Of The Year programme, we've probed in the minds of 685 entrepreneurial leaders to unearth what it is that makes them successful.

Innovating for the next three billion: The rise of the global middle class – and how to capitalise on it (1Mb, 2011)
Over the next two decades, rising per capita wealth in rapid-growth markets will generate a significant growth opportunity for multinational companies. Understanding this market, and developing products and services that meet its needs, will become a strategic priority that cannot be ignored.

Exceptional magazine for fast-growth companies focuses on entrepreneurs who have taken their company beyond the traditional model – into new markets, new products, new segments, new investments and new patterns of international trade. In July to December's issue Stephen Catlin, founder of Catlin Group, tells us how he has established a truly international business, and we hear from Alessandro Benetton, who has recently been appointed Chairman of the Italian luxury clothing brand.

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Accelerate programme 2012 launchSupporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. Download our Autumn programme (1.3Mb)




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