EOY 2014
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Social enterprise

At EY we believe social enterprise is a new way to do business which will drive the change we need in society. We support this emerging sector by bringing social enterprise into the mainstream. We are providing opportunities for social businesses to receive pro-bono business support, network with peers and access thought leadership through our Accelerate network.

At EY we have a track record in supporting social enterprise. In 2011 we created a specific Social Enterprise category of the Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards to recognise the fantastic work going on in the sector. We believe this provides a platform to deliver the message about values driven business. Many past winners of Entrepreneur Of The Year awards have gone on to become household names and participating in the programme offers you the chance to put your enterprise on the map in just that way.

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is about more than an award; participants in the programme will be invited to masterclasses and forums and gain access to a huge network of alumni who constitute some of the best and brightest business brains in the world. This is a fantastic chance to make connections with mainstream businesses and explore how they purchase goods and services.

Social Enterprise entry criteria

  • The business leader will run a social enterprise that trades for social and/or environmental purposes.
  • As with all businesses, the social enterprise competes to deliver goods and services but is distinctive because its social and/or environmental purpose is absolutely central to what it does.
  • The social enterprise is a viable trading organisation and needs to make a profit to be sustainable. It is not driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners. Its profits are reinvested in the business or are invested in the community to sustain and further their mission for positive change.
  • Importantly, it does not solely rely on income from grants, donations or other charitable sources.