CBI Annual Conference and Dinner 2012

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We were proud to be a headline sponsor of the CBI Annual Conference and Dinner 2012 for the second year running. The Conference is a highlight of the UK business calendar and brings together senior politicians and C-suite business figures from mid to large cap companies.

We believe businesses can, and should, do more to drive economic recovery, as business-led growth is critical to the UK’s long-term economic health. We think the pace of economic growth will be slower than pre-crisis trends, with a shift in sources of growth from consumer/government spending to export and investment led funding. Changes will affect sectors and segments differently, as volatility and uncertainty look set to stay. The past will no longer be a guide to the future.

As our clients grapple with these issues we have continued to build insight from around the world on how our clients and other businesses are growing successfully. Our on-going research, part of our Growing Beyond programme, shows many companies have continued to prosper and thrive in these economic conditions, and the difference between the high-performing businesses and others is becoming more pronounced.

Our research shows businesses need a strategy that includes expanding into new markets, innovation, and implementing new approaches to talent management, in order to grow faster than their competition.

In our view, high performing businesses take control of their destiny and drive forward rather than wait for things to get better, and are agile and adaptable in doing so.