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Be part of a team that works globally, helping clients to anticipate and respond to market developments and new legislation.


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Assurance careers: broaden your experience

The timely and relevant financial information provided by EY’s Assurance teams is essential to global economic health and sustainable growth. Our work helps to restore and maintain public confidence in the world’s capital markets and ensures that the fundamentals are in place for businesses to move forward.

EY is one of the most trusted, respected and influential organisations in the industry. As an assurance professional here you'll have access to the latest accounting and auditing information, follow a global audit methodology and use leading audit support tools.

Your aim: to provide peace of mind to our clients by using your skills and experience to give companies, investors and regulators confidence in the validity of financial statements, business-critical information or processes.

In doing so, you'll broaden your experience, building career value and reputation. If your background is in financial services, find out here how we work with clients in this industry.

Use the links below to find out about each of our Assurance teams, or discover more about working at EY from our Assurance people.

Audit and Accounting

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Play an important role in protecting financial markets by helping businesses to reflect their finances accurately, and in protecting financial markets.

Climate Change and Sustainability


Work strategically with clients, providing global advice and recommendations to help them understand the risks and opportunities.

Financial Accounting Advisory


Help organisations address the challenges of company reporting today, from due diligence to converting from GAAP.

Fraud Investigations and Disputes

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Your focus here will be on how to help organisations manage fraud risk more effectively and treat it as a critical business priority.

Energy Trading Risk Management

Commercial IT consultants needed

Join a specialist team assisting clients manage the risks of trading in all energy and other commodities

Current opportunities


Find out about the opportunities currently available at EY, and how you can apply for them.


Auditing and accounting careers: giving a clear picture of business

Audit forms the largest part of the Assurance practice and is experiencing significant growth in a rapidly changing market. This offers our people great opportunities for learning and progression.

As an audit professional your main aim will be to provide independent verification of our client’s compliance with accounting principles. By doing so, you'll play an important role in helping business to reflect their finances accurately and, in turn, rebuild trust in financial markets - building a better working world.

In addition to the more traditional audit services, you'll be involved in supporting our clients on a variety of transactions. If your background is in public services, we also have a specialist Government and Public sector team whose clients range from local Government bodies, Police and Fire Authorities to a wide range of NHS organisations.

Play a sustainable role

You could join our Climate Change and Sustainability team. They provide global advice and recommendations that help clients navigate their climate change and sustainability journey with confidence.

You’ll need to understand business and regulatory threats and opportunities, and will explore and help execute commercial transactions.

You’ll work strategically with clients to help them balance risks, take advantage of opportunities and achieve their goals in a changing world.

Keeping pace with change

Company reporting has evolved. Organisations now face complex changes including IFRS conversion, mergers, acquisitions, carve-outs and IPOs.

Providing financial accounting advisory services involves helping organisations address varied challenges. For example, you’ll advise on how to convert from GAAP reporting to IFRS and assist with due diligence on transactions.

Understanding and managing fraud risk

If you know your subject inside out, working with our high performing Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services team will help you capitalise on your hard work to date.

Our fraud investigation and dispute professionals help clients deal with the complex issues of fraud, regulatory compliance and business disputes that could otherwise detract from client efforts to achieve their goals. Alongside accountants, we have over 100 forensic technology specialists who support clients in managing, processing and interrogating vast quantities of electronic evidence and data.

As part of this team you’ll draw on your knowledge of fraud assessment, monitoring and prevention to identify issues for your clients. You’ll find challenging high profile projects, many of which play out on the international stage, and no two are ever the same. Your network will grow and strengthen and your outlook will become more global.

If better is what matters to you, this is where you'll find it.

Energy Trading Risk Management

EY’s Commodities Trading and Risk Management team in London is a specialist advisory team assisting clients in the areas of market, credit, liquidity and operational risk of trading in all energy and other commodities. The group aids clients to assess, design, transform and implement industry-leading capabilities to identify, measure, manage and monitor risks in a commodity portfolio. Our work covers governance and oversight, policies, processes and controls, organisational structure, reporting, modelling and assumptions, and data requirements and information systems.

Our clients greatly value our strong project management capabilities, leading practices and the insights and experience we provide through tailored trading models and leading practices, which help companies achieve commercial strategies and establish risk and governance practices. They include merchant energy companies, retail energy companies, utilities, oil and gas companies, chemical companies, natural resource companies, financial institutions and hedge funds with energy trading operations.

Opportunities in Assurance

Broaden your experience. Build your career.

Join our Assurance team and you’ll experience fast personal and professional growth, variety and the opportunity to work within diverse and international teams.

We work with a vast range of clients, so whether you want to focus on the financial services sector or more broadly across industries, join us and you’ll expand your experience, and build your career - and reputation - fast.

To learn more use the links below or go to ‘Job search’ for full details of opportunities available in these areas.

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At EY our inclusive work environment means everyone's opinion is valued. Whether a recent joiner or long-serving member of the firm, all our employees have a unique story to tell.

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