Advisory Consulting Programme – Performance Improvement

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We advise the world's leading organisations and public sector clients throughout the UK and abroad. Our work isn't about providing 'off-the shelf' solutions or systems implementation; our consultants focus on helping our clients identify and solve their most complex business problems. Our teams of experts work across our clients' businesses; whether helping them to grow profitably, manage risk, reduce costs or transform their organisations. Our goal is to deliver sustainable performance improvement for our clients, all over the world, and ultimately, to grow global business.

What will I be doing?

You'll need to think of yourself as a Consultant rather than a graduate if you join us. This means playing a key role in one of our teams: generating direction through analysis and research, conducting client interviews, and helping to develop proposals and recommendations. The speed at which you develop and how far you take your career is up to you.

Our ACP programme runs two streams Performance Improvement or Risk. In both of these you will have the chance to rotate around and gain experience from several of the practice areas within that area of advisory as shown below:

Performance Improvement

Our customer practice advises companies on how to identify and manage their most valuable customers. This could include helping them to capture market share, bring new products or services to market, or improve customer retention.

Our finance professionals help our clients transform their finance functions to drive efficiency and provide better financial insight. This is about changing the role of finance from transactional processing to supporting the business make better decisions.

People and Organisation
Our people and organisation teams help our clients to successfully transform. They are experts at managing the impact of change on employees and customers, enabling them to fully realise the benefits and deliver sustainable improvement.

Our strategy professionals help clients to develop and execute strategy. They generate insight into the client's business and deliver recommendations to drive growth or reduce cost.

Supply Chain and Operations
Our supply chain and operations professionals help our clients realise value from their end-to-end supply chains, negotiate commercial agreements and improve their organisational effectiveness.

IT Advisory
Our IT Advisory professionals work alongside clients within both private and public sectors providing independent advice on all our client's IT capabilities. This ranges from designing the target operating model to align to a client's business strategy to identifying significant improvements to the client's IT operations through systems, processes and/or people changes.


Our risk professionals help organisations assess, improve and monitor their risk portfolio and associated control. They are experts in the management of enterprise, strategic, financial, operational and compliance risk. Their focus is on helping clients to face the future with confidence, knowing that they're well prepared for whatever it might hold.

Within the context of information technology risk our clients use their IT and data to gain a competitive advantage, customer intimacy and operational excellence. Today IT and data management are such an integral part of our clients' operations that even the smallest mistake or security breach can have a substantial impact on their reputation and business performance.

As a result IT and data risk management is viewed as an integral part of a company's risk management activities, and fundamental to the success of major business transformation and improvement programmes.

In joining as a Consultant in the Risk stream you will have the opportunity to work on a number of the following solution areas:

Commercial Excellence
All organisations have numerous contractual relationships relating to their procurement and sales processes. Our Commercial Excellence provide a program of services to review clients 3rd party spend over past periods. This spend can then be reviewed in line with the contractual obligations that are in place and by monitoring third parties compliance with the conditions of business laid out in the contractual terms we are able to identify whether these have been met or how improvements can be made.

Internal Audit
Internal monitoring of organisations controls is vital to an organisation feeling able to move forward. Our Internal Audit professionals work with a large variety of organisations partnering with and running outsources of Internal Audits. Covering a full range of audit criteria from internal audit effectiveness reviews through to Board and Audit committee reviews as well as IT audit requirements looking at governance and technical infrastructure and operating system reviews.

Financial Audit IT Support
IT applications play a key role in the processing of financial data; using our IT controls based approach we work closely with our client and the financial audit team to provide assurance around the integrity of financial data. Working in FAIT you will gain a breadth of knowledge of clients IT environments from infrastructure to user access management. You will be responsible for identification of key risks and weaknesses and be able to advise clients on areas of improvement.

Information Security
The security landscape is a place of increased risk and challenges due to the proliferation of new technologies, globalisation and a desire to drive revenues through new ventures. Information Security needs to be recognised as a business process not just an IT issue and as such one that involves the whole organisaiton. Should you choose to specialise in IT Security, you will get the opportunity to work with a variety of clients in some of the following service offerings, enterprise security, data loss prevention, privacy, business continuity, cyber security and Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Governance, Risk and Compliance
With the onset of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP, which integrate internal and external management of information across the organisation, facilitating the flow of information between business functions, there has developed a need for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes within these systems. Working with our clients we help to assess controls that are in place to manage these functions and determine if this is adequate or if improvements are required. Working with the GRC team you may have the opportunity to work with organisations in support of their SAP GRC implementations or as part of a team evaluating current controls.

What training and development will I receive in my first few years?

The opportunities and support are the same whether you join the PI or Risk stream of ACP. The breadth and challenge of our fast-track rotational scheme offers you the chance to be promoted to Senior Consultant after just 2 years.

In the first year you'll start with an intensive induction course to develop your core consulting skills and start building your networks. This will be followed by lended learning curriculum including knowledge sharing and networking sessions, technical and soft skills training and learning events. You'll also have the opportunity to get a solid grounding in finance and business law through the CIMA foundation qualification (The ACP programme has been awarded "Gold" Quality Training Partner status by CIMA). In your second year, you will begin to undertake training that is aligned to the area of the business you want to move into once you leave the ACP and become a senior consultant. The diverse experience you'll gain working in teams from across our services will help you make an informed decision about the direction your career will take, how far it takes you is down to your energy, commitment and performance. To help you achieve your career goals, you'll be assigned a personal counsellor and receive the encouragement of, and exposure to, senior members of our organisation. This will allow you to shape your career and achieve your potential.

What do we look for?

We look for graduates who are inquisitive, analytical, ambitious and great at working with people. You'll need to be a good team player and demonstrate the potential to become a future business leader. These qualities are much more important than your degree choice. You'll need to be prepared to challenge us, to act on your own initiative and to make an impact on our teams and clients from day one.

Entry requirements:

  • Grade B or above for GCSE Mathematics and English Language (or equivalent);
  • At least 340 UCAS points (or equivalent), excluding General Studies or re-sits;
  • A 2.1 or above degree in any discipline.

Please note: in exceptional circumstances we will accept applications from candidates who do not meet our academic requirements. If this is your case, you will need to provide strong justification for why we should consider your application. You will also need to provide documentary evidence of any mitigating circumstances.

The above entry requirements are not applicable for our Schools Programmes.

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