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EY Careers Guide

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Join us as a graduate

These are exciting and ambitious times for our 190,000 people worldwide. We are growing fast, working together towards an exciting future and our bold purpose of building a better working world.

We advise the world's most important companies and organisations on the issues that matter most, giving you first hand experiences of the business challenges that are shaping the world. This is why we need bright curious minds - people who are ready to contribute to a globally growing business and who have what it takes to work on critical issues for our clients.

A career at EY puts you at the heart of the business world. If you want a challenging and stimulating career in business then a graduate role in one of our four service lines: Advisory, Assurance, Corporate Finance or Tax, could open the door to your future success.

You'll have the option to work with clients spanning all industry sectors, or you can choose to work exclusively with clients in the financial services industry typically in Banking & Capital markets, Insurance and Wealth & Asset Management. Across all, you'll work with many different clients and colleagues with industry expertise, as well as receive world-class training, development, mentoring and support for your professional qualification.

The exposure, skills, experiences and perspective you gain at EY will last a lifetime and give you the advantage in your career.

If you've already graduated and know the career path you want, you can apply for a graduate job too – but you'll need to have a gap year or a year's further study already in place.



Restoring and maintaining public confidence in the world's capital markets, by providing an independent and reliable voice.



You'll help companies improve how they work by identifying, investigating and solving complex business problems.



Help our clients navigate the complex, ever-changing world of tax – you'll think creatively and learn all about the taxation of organisations and their different stakeholder groups.



Show businesses how they can raise, optimise, preserve and invest capital and analyse companies' involvement in a variety of transactions.

Financial Services


Choose to focus exclusively on financial services clients and become a specialist within this industry.

Core Business Services

EY Careers

Work at the heart of our business and help our people win in the market.



EY Careers

Our selection process gives you the chance to explore your ambitions and learn about the role you can play here.



Careers in Consulting: helping organisations improve performance and manage risks

Our Consulting service line focuses on helping clients to improve their performance and manage their risks more effectively. Particularly important in a challenging and changing business environment, with escalating competition.

We work with clients to address their specific circumstances and help turn strategy into reality. Whether it's an improved finance function, enhanced supply chain or superior customer management, we're able to offer added value. This is why Consulting is our fastest-growing service line and an energetic, fast-paced environment with nearly 20,000 professionals around the world.

Because Consulting is a diverse and fluid business area you'll be involved in a huge variety of work. This will involve delivering wide-ranging and constantly changing ideas to our clients across a broad spectrum of industries and locations.

As a matter of course, your experiences will be wide and varied. You'll quickly be given responsibility to deal with complex business problems - an excellent way to build the skills you'll need for a long and fulfilling career. The size and variety of the clients we work for will mean your career develops faster here than in most other businesses.

Where you can focus

Within Consulting you can choose to work in one of nine areas:

UK&I roles:

Financial Services roles:

Careers in Assurance: making sure vital business information is accurate and reliable

In global economy we all have a vested interest in understanding factors such as risks, investments and values in relation to all economic matters – from individual retirement plans to the financial stability of regions like the Eurozone.

This makes Assurance a highly stimulating working environment. You may work across a wide range of industries with equally varied clients, helping them grow their businesses.

Assurance is extremely broad, giving you the opportunity to develop a general grounding in business, take part in world-class training and open the door to many career paths. Following this route, you will become an assurance professional or once qualified can move into other areas of the business.

This is your gateway to a wide range of opportunities, enabling you to gain an important accountancy qualification at the end.

Where you can focus

When you first start, you'll develop broad assurance skills across many areas – covering both audit and non-audit work. You can then call on this experience when it becomes time to narrow your focus.

You might work in the following areas of Assurance:

UK&I roles:

Financial Services roles:



Career in Transactions: helping clients buy, sell and merge with other organisations

At a time when the global business environment holds increasingly complex strategic challenges, it’s vitally important for our clients to raise, preserve, invest and optimise capital. This process is a vital component of their competitiveness for the long term.

We work with the world’s largest organisations, fastest growing companies, and private equity firms on some of the biggest and most complex cross-border engagements in the global market.

You’ll help those clients make better and more informed decisions about how they manage capital and transactions in a changing world. That means advising businesses on how they preserve, optimise, raise and invest their capital to help them achieve their strategic objectives.

In short, you’ll be confirming your clients’ long-term health and enabling them to create social and economic value from their corporate transactions.

If you’re interested in capital and how to make it work harder, then you’ll feel at home in Transactions. Dealing directly with senior executives, lawyers, finance professionals, and other professionals, it’s a challenging and exciting role in a dynamic, forward-looking environment.

Where you can focus

As you develop your career in Transactions, you'll be able to build technical depth and explore a breadth of business issues. To help you decide where to specialise, click below for further information on the available options:

UK&I roles:

Financial Services roles:



Careers in Tax: help your clients navigate the complexities of international tax

By meeting their tax obligations, clients help the wider community. As we help them to navigate an increasingly complex tax and regulatory environment and support them in making the right decisions, we’re contributing to the better working world that everyone wants to see.

Our advisors therefore need a deep understanding of relevant legislation, outstanding communication skills and the ability to manage client relationships effectively.

As a tax professional at EY, you'll use your research and analytical skills, apply yourself to stay on top of the law and acquire an in-depth knowledge of clients’ businesses.

We provide a full suite of tax services to clients ranging from the very largest multinationals to fast-growth entrepreneurial businesses. You might choose to start your tax career with us by acquiring a broad experience across a range of different service offerings or by focusing on one particular area.

Where you can focus

You might choose to start your tax career with us by acquiring a broad experience across a range of different service offerings or by focusing on one particular area. The links below will give a summary of the sub-areas available:

UK&I roles:

EMEIA Tax Centre roles:

Financial Services roles:



Financial Services

Today’s financial services market is global, constantly changing and highly regulated. Our clients in Banking and Capital Markets, Insurance and Wealth & Asset Management demand a dynamic approach to help them manage the uncertainties and the opportunities this brings. With 35,000 people in our global Financial Services network, we can quickly see the whole picture to meet our clients’ needs.

No borders - just opportunities

Our EMEIA Financial Services business is growing fast. The global scale and class of our clients, combined with our unique specialism in financial services, sets us apart from the competition. We’re completely integrated and operate across 14 European markets.

That means you'll learn more about financial services here than anywhere else – we've got over 10,000 people and 520 partners in our EMEIA team. Join us and you'll help shape the future of financial services, working with the best people on the most complex issues in the industry. If you're looking for a truly international career in financial services, we have opportunities to get the best training in different disciplines, countries and sectors, and the opportunity to work with international colleagues throughout the world. At EY, you can build one of the best foundations for a fast-moving, high-flying career in financial services.

Watch our video to find out more about working in our EMEIA Financial Services business.

There are a number of different paths you can take – you can specialise in Advisory, Consulting, Tax or Transactions. Few organisations offer graduates such rich and diverse financial services careers.

Financial Services Consulting

Our Consulting team has been created to help our Financial Services clients to solve their most complex challenges, many of which have their roots in the dramatic changes that the industry has undergone since 2008. Our clients look to us for support in addressing multiple waves of regulatory and compliance challenges, finding better ways to manage their risk, and improving the efficiency of their business. We are with them throughout the journey helping to define their approach and strategy, and turning vision into practical business and technology solutions. This is a dedicated consulting programme and there may be some element of rotation that will give you a better understanding of the business overall. We have positions in various locations throughout the UK.

Where you can focus
The links below will give a summary of the career opportunities available in Financial Services Consulting:

Financial Services Assurance Graduate Programme

You'll be ensuring our clients manage complex regulatory requirements and the demands of many different stakeholders. You'll help to provide a timely and constructive challenge to management, a robust and clear perspective to audit committees and critical information for investors and other stakeholders. Learning the basics of assurance in financial services from the ground up, you'll gain broad experience in the financial services sectors – Asset Management, Banking and Capital Markets and Insurance. At each stage, you'll get the best learning, coaching and training available anywhere to help you become a successful professional.

Where you can focus
The link below will give a summary of the sub-areas available in Financial Services Assurance:

Financial Services Transactions

We work with the world's largest organisations, fastest growing companies, and private equity firms on some of the biggest and most complex cross-border engagements in the global market. It will be your job to help our financial services clients evaluate, structure and execute their most important deals, and you'll advise them on how to make more informed decisions about managing capital and transactions. You'll work internationally, learning quickly on some of the largest financial services transactions in the EMEIA region.

Where you can focus:
The link below will give a summary of Financial Services Transactions:

Financial Services Tax

You'll be advising financial services clients on a wide range of issues, combining business and commercial knowledge with a tax technical specialism and an in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry.

At EY, you will develop technical knowledge and financial services expertise by working across a number of teams within tax and with colleagues in other service lines.

To support your development you will be given the opportunity to study for a professional qualification as well as specialist training - tax technical, financial services and core consultancy skills as well as other training to enable effective delivery and to build and manage client relationships.

This unrivalled package of experiences and training will equip you with the skills to advise in the dynamic and ever changing world of financial services.

Where you can focus
The links below will give a summary of the sub-areas available in Financial Services Tax:

Freedom to define your own career

The experience you gain with EY will last you a lifetime. In fact, whatever you go on to do in the future, you’ll be able to take the knowledge and insights you’ve gained with you.

We can offer much more than just technical training. There’s the support you receive in developing business relationship skills. Working in high-performing teams, for instance, and collaborating with colleagues across borders. EY and you (EYU) is our career development framework, which is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to take ownership of your career.

Your development is at the heart of our culture, but it centers on giving you the tools to progress in the direction you desire. We believe you’ll do the best work you can when you have the freedom to map your own career path. And ultimately that means our clients will benefit too.

There are three key aspects to your development here: learning, experiences and coaching. Use the tabs to explore what each of them means.