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Find your career formula for a successful career in business

There are many different paths to a great career in business. We’re here to help you explore your options and make the choices clearer. After all, it’s your future, and the right career formula is different for everyone. You must be sure you do what’s right for you.

Our school and college leaver programmes offer a range of experiences and opportunities. The EY School Leaver programme offers a way of going straight into work after your A Levels. Or, if you’re going to university you can choose between the EY Degree and the EY Scholarship.

Whatever route you take, and whatever career formula ends up being the right one for you, working in a global professional services firm like EY will give you the experiences and development opportunities you need to get your career heading in the direction you want it to.

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At EY, we will help you find the type of career you want – your way.

We have created a range of school and college leaver programmes to help you gain the experiences, skills and networks you will need to build a successful career formula – wherever it takes you.

You may like the idea of stepping straight into work. If so, you could join our EY School Leaver programme, then again if you’re set on going to university then the EY Degree and the EY Scholarship could be right for you.

They are all great ways to reach your goal of starting a great career. With our help, you can decide on the career formula that’s right for you and after that, we will do everything we can to help you to get ahead.

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EY School Leaver

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EY Degree

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EY Scholarship

Find out more about the ways in which our people work with our clients to build a better working world.


EY is one of the world’s leading professional services organisations, with over 167,000 people in 140 countries. We have a turnover of over US$24 billion and we have ambitious global growth plans.

Our clients include some of the world’s most successful, innovative and respected organisations, spanning all industry sectors. The size and scope of our global business gives our people access to leading economic opinions and cutting edge technical capabilities.

Clients depend on our people’s ingenuity and creativity to improve how they work, make vital business decisions and explore opportunities.

There are four areas of our business, each of which helps our clients in different ways. We call these business areas service lines, and they are: Advisory, Assurance, Corporate Finance and Tax. Each one requires people with a different set of skills and strengths.

Advisory: Advising organisations all over the world, solving their most complex business problems and helping them to succeed.

Assurance: Checking that figures are correct and that accounting methods are being used properly, which maintains confidence and security in international markets.

Corporate Finance: Helping the world’s corporations to buy, sell and merge to get the best long-term return for their money.

Tax: Guiding clients all over the world so that they pay no more and no less tax than they should, in the right countries at the right time.

Smarter choices for a head start in business

Every day, EY helps businesses around the world to make smarter choices and find the right formula for their success. We’re equally passionate about helping people find their own way to the kind of career that’s best for them. As a successful global business that’s respected by many of the world’s leading multinational companies, we can do just that – and open plenty of doors along the way.

Everyone was just starting out once. Today’s students will grow to be tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why we think it’s important to give your children – or the young people you teach – confidence that they’re heading in the right direction and reassurance about the decisions they make, as they take their first steps to what could be a truly great career.

Why is EY such a good place to start?

We invest in our people

We believe knowledge is priceless. Our dedicated EY fund will pay for learning and training during a journey to achieving true potential.

We offer breadth and specialism

Being part of a global business will open up a world of opportunities – offering plenty of variety and lots of challenges, across a range of clients and projects.

We support ambitions

We help direct careers. On all of our programmes, the path could lead to a highly-valued professional qualification and a great future.

We work for important clients

We have important and globally established clients. From the outset, all of our people have real responsibility for the work we do.

…and with the best people

We employ some of the very best people in our industry – they are there to learn from.

We offer regional opportunities

In addition to our offices in London, we have another 20 sites around the UK. So a great career with EY really can be close at hand.

We believe in community

We have a commitment to more than just our clients. Our social networks, our peer groups and our work in the community ensure that everyone connected to EY feels supported, appreciated and respected.

We’re recognised as a diverse employer

While our work with clients is satisfying enough, we’re especially proud to be respected by others for our diverse and inclusive culture. Our working environment allows us to harness the power of our people and help them reach their potential, whatever their background.

We’re recognised for being a great employer

We’re a Times Top 50 Employer for Women and in 2013 we rankly highly in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index.

Discover why school leavers are important for business and to EY


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Learn more about our schools programmes.

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Freedom to define your own career

The experience you gain with EY will last you a lifetime. Whatever you go on to do in the future, you’ll take the valuable knowledge and insights you've gained with you.

We'll show you how to identify your natural strengths, and provide diverse and in-depth experiences to develop them in a stimulating and challenging career. When you play to your strengths, you'll perform at your best. You’ll really enjoy your work, and your work will get the best out of you.

It’s a big part of our culture to help our people achieve their full potential. From day one we invest heavily in our school leavers – we’re creating future business leaders. We’ll give you the tools to progress in the direction you desire, and help you achieve your full potential – when you have the freedom to map your own career path, ultimately our clients will benefit too.

Whichever programme you join, you’ll begin with a rigorous induction that helps you to make the transition from school or university to work. We’ll also ensure you have a clear understanding of how you play a crucial role in the overall success and development of the business. After that you’ll start working with clients right away – it will be a steep learning curve, but it’s the best way to learn.

Depending on the service line you choose to work in, we’ll support you in your studies towards a professional qualification. We’ll also help you take your career forward with award-winning, bespoke training, designed to hone your technical, people and management skills. If you show clear leadership potential, you could also qualify for one of our progression programmes.

You’ll learn a lot from working with clients and alongside our people who are experts in their field, but you’ll also want to know how your development is progressing. So you’ll get regular feedback and guidance from your personal coach, and on-the-job advice about everyday processes (and bigger challenges) from your team. We’ll also schedule regular reviews during which you will have the opportunity to discuss your progress and set goals for the next year.

As you gain experience you could be invited to go on secondment to a client, work with people in different countries, or get otherwise thrown into a challenging new environment. These diverse experiences will help you develop a global mindset that will set you up for your entire career.

If you want to learn more about finding a way into business, or have a question you would like us to help answer, there are a number of ways to get in touch:

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If you’re thinking about applying to one of our 2014 Schools programmes, here’s more detail on what you will need to do next.

First, some tips

A good application will make you stand out from the crowd. You can give people a sense of the real you – and demonstrate the value you can add to their programme. There are some useful techniques that can help you perfect this part of the process.

When it comes to online application forms, there are some key points to bear in mind. Give yourself plenty of time. Get familiar with the online application system so you know how it works. There’s always a risk of it crashing so don’t leave it till the last minute, and copy the text of your answers to a separate document. Also make sure you save your password(s) somewhere safe so you can log back in.

Online application forms tend to be challenging so that employers can discover what is unique about you. Your answers should be carefully thought through and should be tailored to the role you’re applying for. Make sure you’ve answered every question fully within the allowed word count and take extra care over your grammar and spelling.

And whatever happens, always tell the truth. It will become evident and embarrassing if you’re not honest.

Before you start an application to any of the EY Schools programmes we would strongly recommend that you watch our series of Skills videos online.

Watch our video to understand the application process to join the EY Schools programmes


EY School Leaver

Who can apply

You can apply to the EY School Leaver Programme if you’re in your final year at school. We have opportunities available in our Advisory, Assurance, Corporate Finance and Tax service lines, in a number of our UK offices.

As a minimum, you’ll need Grade B or higher in GSCE Mathematics and English Language and a predicted BBB Level, or equivalent (not including General Studies or A2 re-sits).

How to apply

There are two parts to the application process. First, you must complete our online application form and strengths assessment. We will then test your numerical, verbal and diagrammatic analysis - also online. If those things go well, there’ll be a first round interview. Then you’ll be invited to spend a day at an assessment centre and be interviewed by a partner in the firm, before being offered a place on the EY School Leaver programme.

Applications for the 2015 intake will open on 1 July 2014.

EY Degree

Who can apply

You can apply to the EY Degree if you’re in the final year of your A Levels and have the following grades:

  • Grade B or higher in GCSE Mathematics and English Language
  • AAA/A*AB in your A or AS Levels, not counting General Studies or re-sits.

We don’t just want to know about your academic background. We’re interested in positions of responsibility you’ve held and any recent work experience you’ve had.

We’re looking for a wide variety of skills – such as team working, communication and analytical ability – as well as a keen interest in business.

How to apply

Starting your journey to an EY Degree is the same as any other course. Visit the UCAS website to apply and enter course code NN43 or search for BSc/Acc E&Y to find the EY Degree. Once you’ve applied, LUMS will screen your UCAS application and you’ll be asked to complete an online EY application form and take an online ability test. You’ll also be invited to a selection workshop at our London office. If you do well and meet the degree requirements, we’ll make you an offer.

Register your interest for our 2015 intake here.

EY Scholarship

Who can apply?

You must:

  • Have Grade B or higher in both GCSE Mathematics and English Language
  • Be predicted AAB Level or equivalent, not counting General Studies.

All offers are conditional on your obtaining your predicted A Level results and getting a place at university.

How to apply

There are two parts to the application process. First, you must complete our online application form and strengths assessment. We will then test your numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning skills - also online. Then you’ll be invited to spend a day at an assessment centre and be interviewed, before being offered a place on the EY Scholarship programme.

Register your interest for our 2015 intake here.

EY Insight

Who can apply?

You can apply to EY Insight if you’re in your final or penultimate year at school.

As a minimum, you’ll need Grade B or higher in GSCE Mathematics and English Language and a predicted BBB Level, or equivalent (not including General Studies or A2 re-sits).

How to apply

To register for a place on an EY Insight please click here.

Experience before you commit

At EY we offer many varied journeys to success. Some will start with an initial taste of what working life at EY is like. The experiences we offer are a chance for you to find out about us and us to find out about you. It’s a great boost to your cv even if you don’t end up at EY.

EY Insight (open evening)

The EY Insight open evenings are open for Year 11-13 students (Year 4-6 in Scotland) who are looking to explore their options post A Levels for a career in business. They’ll give you a good idea of what life is like at a leading global business and a chance to find out more about you and your own strengths. It’ll be an interactive learning experience, where you’ll gain useful business know-how, a greater understanding of the commercial world around you and more importantly an idea of what a career at EY could look like for you.

The following EY offices will be hosting EY Insights in the autumn term:

Aberdeen, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, Inverness, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, North London (Luton), Nottingham, Newcastle, Reading and Southampton

We ask that all students registering to attend have:

  • Grade B or higher in GCSE Mathematics and English Language (or Grade 2 or higher in Standard Mathematics and English Language)
  • Predicted 300 UCAS points (from 3 A Levels, 5 Highers or equivalent) not including General Studies or A2 re-sits – this can be from any combination of subjects

Register for a place on EY Insights.

EY Skills Academy (3 days)

Held in our London office, the Skills Academy is for Year 12 students who want to explore the world of business and focus on enhancing their employability and business skills. Over three days you’ll learn more about yourself, how you work with others, and what an organisation like ours needs from you. We’ll cover the cost of your accommodation and arrange social events where you can meet ambitious and motivated students just like you.

You’ll improve your skills through a broad range of interactive exercises conducted by some of our best and most experienced people. You’ll learn about EY and how professional services work, and what working life is like with EY. You’ll build on what you’re learning at school or college. You’ll meet our business trainees – senior people from EY — and they’ll help you start building a business network of your own.

It will be a great boost to your CV, and the experience will serve you well wherever your career takes you. Getting a taste of what life would be like working in a leading global business is a great way to start your career journey.

Could the EY Skills Academy be the beginning of your career in business?

Apply online.

Smart Futures (3 week placement)

Smart Futures is a 10-month programme for Year 12 students who are in receipt of free meals, or who would be the first in their family to go to university. It’s a great stepping stone into business, where you’ll have the chance to learn about different work areas of business, interact with and learn from entrepreneurs and senior business people, meet our clients and gain hands on business experience.

Following your 3-week placement you will be offered a mentor to help you make vital career decisions throughout Year 13. They’ll provide you with as much support and encouragement as you need in your last year of school or college, helping you prepare for life after your A Levels.

To qualify you’ll need:

  • To be a Year 12 student
  • To be in receipt of free school meals
  • And/or be the first generation in your family to go to university
  • To have Grade B or above in GCSE Mathematics and English Language
  • To be predicted a minimum of 300 UCAS points, or equivalent.