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In today’s globally integrated, tightly regulated and increasingly competitive business environment, one critical success factor stands out: people. Our Human Capital services offer a “total picture” perspective, integrating global mobility, workplace effectiveness and talent and reward. Through our comprehensive approach, we can help our clients make the most of their investment in their people. We assist clients ranging from some of the world’s largest employers to fast growing entrepreneurial businesses.

Human Capital consists of four core areas:  Mobility Services, Talent and Reward, and HR Performance Improvement.

What will my day be like in Mobility Services

Our Mobility Services help our clients manage the complex compliance, reporting and risks inherent in deploying a globally mobile workforce. We offer a suite of mobility services that can help make global mobility programs more strategic, such as reviewing or helping to build an employe assignment policy, advising on assignment costs, or managing the client and their employees’ tax and social security compliance across the globe.

Mobility Services currently operates in 3 main areas:

  • Global Mobility (GM) Tax and Advisory  and Services,
  • Japanese Expatriate Tax Services (JETS)
  •  Glboal Business Immigation (GBIS)

GM Tax and Advisory

The GM Tax and Advisory team is the biggest of the Human Capital service teams. Their focus is on providing advice to our clients with respect to tax compliance, assignment policy and expatriate tax planning opportunities. The team is divided into different market sector and industry groups enabling the engagement teams to provide our clients with advice using our industry knowledge and expertise.

Working within GM tax and advisory opens up a wide range of opportunities and experiences for you to get involved with. You could participate in tax briefings held with individuals travelling to or from the UK, assist a client in writing their assignment tax policy, work with other colleagues in our global offices to provide specific tax advice to a client, or even help manage a modified payroll for a client. With opportunities to also learn and practice US tax as an advisor in the UK, being part of the Mobility team allows you to choose the type of tax advisor that you want to be.

Japanese Expatriate Tax Services (JETS)

Due to the exclusive nature of the Japanese (and Korean) businesses, our EY Mobility practice has a specialist team to provide expatriate services to this niche market.

As a member of the Japanese Expatriate Tax Services team, your client portfolio will contain a range of Japanese and Korean companies, from recently established enterprises to leading global names. Although majority of the work within the JETS team mirrors that of the GM Tax and Advisory team, you will have the opportunity to use your Japanese language skills (written and spoken) and draw on your knowledge of Japanese business culture on a daily basis to provide these services to our clients.

Global Business Immigration (GBIS)

EY’s Global Immigration practice provides market-leading immigration services on a global scale. Not only do we offer the world’s largest single provider global business immigration network, but we also leverage our in-house international assignment management services, international tax and social security expertise in ways that we believe are unique in the global market for international mobility services.

Our GBIS team assists our clients in completion and tracking of their assignees’ work permits, providing them with an understanding of the real costs of immigration and supporting them with the collection of data required to be provided to our tax and social security teams. 

Although we do not currently recruit directly into our GBIS team, we do have opportunities that open up should you receive and accept an offer within any of the other Human Capital teams.

What will my day be like in Talent and Reward?

Our Talent and Reward services help clients address the range of issues that are associated with reward strategies, talent programs and maintaining workforce effectiveness. To reach its potential, an organization must continuously improve its performance — and sustain that improvement. We can help clients optimize these particular business areas by looking at the entire lifecycle of a mobile workforce from advice on recruitment (use of employees, contractors, etc), to the provision of benefits to their employees, executive compensation, as well as advising them on all employee reward and emplyment tax compliance aspects in the UK and globally.  We combine providing advice to clients around tax efficiencies such as share schemes and salary sacrifice, with assistance in ensuring global compliance with the increasing tax and related regulation around the world.

Our Total Reward team operates within three separate specialisms:

  • Executive Compensation & Reward (EC&R)
  • Global Employment Tax Services (GETS)
  • Stock and Mobility Services (SMS)

As a new graduate or school leaver, you will have the opportunity to work in all of these skills areas, before specialising as you become more senior.

Executive Compenstatoin & Reward (ECR)

The EC&R team focuses on helping clients with their overall reward strategy, including the most effective way to remunerate their employee population.  This may include advising remuneration committees on setting executive compensation levels, director remuneration reporting, or advising management on all employee reward.

This is an area of growing interest to clients and governments alike. Typical work could include gathering data to determine the salary of the CEO of a company or helping to construct a Long Term Incentive Plan to reward employees’ performance.

Global Employment Tax Services (GETS)

With employee income and benefits being an area everyone can relate to, GETS is a great place to start your career in tax.  Compared to other roles GETS is extremely people orientated so getting out, meeting clients and developing relationships is an essential part of the job.

As part of the GETS team you will be responsible for helping companies address their compliance needs and advise on potential tax structuring. For example you could be carrying out a due diligence on an industry leading company reviewing their compliance to HMRC rules, or looking at implementing a salary sacrifice scheme to help provide cost savings for a company.

Stock and Mobility Services (SMS)

SMS assists employers with their tax obligations for equity/ share based calculations, where long term incentive remuneration is paid and individuals have worked and have a tax liability in more than one country. Within the SMS team, you will acquire unique opportunities to develop global tax knowledge and build a strong network globally within EY.

Within SMS, there will be a rapid build-up in technical knowledge, IT skills and attendance at client facing meetings. As we use EY proprietary software, there is also potential to assist on logic coding the tax rules underpinning the SMS system.

What will my day be like in HR Performance Improvement

Please note for more information on our separate HR Performance Improvement (Advisory) programme click here. Vacancies are only available in our London office.

Today there is increased pressure on HR departments to be more efficient by leveraging the organization’s talents, driving profitability and creating meaningful change — all amid budget cuts and hiring freezes. We can help clients develop and implement programs specifically designed around these areas of HR performance improvement.

Our HRPI team operates within the following specialisms: 

  • Talent Management
  • HR Transformation
  • HC Corproate Transactions

Talent Management

Our team help clients focus on ensuring their HR activities and initiatives are directly connected to driving business performance by integrating these initiatives into the wider business plans.  These projects typically include analysing our clients HR strategy options, Workforce planning, Analytics, HR policy frameworks and Stakeholder value proposition.

HR Transformation

Our HR Functional Effectiveness proposition focuses upon transforming HR functions, enabling them to operate more effectively and efficiently.  This could include improving their operating model, processes, enabling technologies, or developing the capability of people within the HR function, data and reporting, HR risk and compliance, and shared services.

HC Corporate Transactions
This area supports clients to address the people aspects of mergers & acquisitions, divestments or business restructuring.  Engagements in this area typically include due diligence, reporting, organisation design, culture, integration, talent mapping, change management and outsourcing.

What training and development will I receive in my first few years?

Right from day one, you will have the opportunity to participate in our intensive in-house training sessions that target your all-round development as a tax advisor. These sessions vary from monthly peer-group technical discussions to annual global conferences.

The role expected of you as a graduate in our Human Capital practice is very demanding and you’ll need to learn fast. Therefore, the training and development you receive has been structured to give you the expertise and experience that you need to build yourself an excellent reputation helping you take your career further, faster.

The firm will also provide the opportunity for you to study towards relevant professional qualification(s).

As a graduate in one of our Mobility services and Total Reward teams, you will study for the Association of Tax Technicians (ATT) qualification upon joining the firm. Once you have passed the ATT exams you will have the option to pursue the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification, depending on your specialisation, you may be offered to study towards a Masters degree in Human Resources.

If you choose to join our HR Advisory practice, you will be supported in studying towards the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) or the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualifications. After two years of practice in the HRA team, you will also be given the option to study for a Masters degree in Human Resources.

What opportunities will Human Capital open up?

Due to the breadth of opportunities available within the Human Capital practice, you choose your eventual career path. As the key to our business is our people, you will begin to meet and correspond with clients from the word go, and be the face of EY to many external stakeholders.

You may choose to:

  • Specialise in a particular tax role focusing on advising our clients on complicated cross-border tax issues; or
  • Become a skilled global client engagement manager working with our teams across the globe to provide a flawless and consistent experience; or
  • Develop into an all-round Human Capital tax advisor to work with our clients in identifying their needs for improvement in dealing with their workforce; or 
  • Focus your skills internally on enhancing the efficiency and capabilities of our team and take up lead role in driving our Human Capital service forward; or
  • Participate in an international assignment programme in one of our global offices or even be seconded to work for one of our clients should you require a change.

The rate at which you progress at EY depends entirely on you. Whether you choose to become a tax specialist or a leader in the organisation and coordination of extensive assignment policies, you will benefit from the wealth of resources that the firm has to offer, along with world-class training and experiences.

What are my options when I apply?

You can start your career in London or one of our regional offices across the UK. The location you select will determine the area of Human Capital and the client group you'll join.

  • If you want to work in our Mobility and Talent and Reward teams with clients in the financial sector, apply to the respective Financial Services practice in our London office.
  • If you want to work in our Mobility and Talent and Reward teams with clients in other industries, then apply to our UK&I practice in our London or regional offices. Please note that there are additional language requirements for those who wish to join the Japanese Expatriate Tax Services team.
  • If you wish to apply to our HR Advisory Practice, then please note that our team is currently based in London.

The entry requirements for Human Capital are:

  • Grade B or above for GCSE Mathematics and English Language (or equivalent);
  • At least 300 (24) UCAS points (excluding General Studies and re-sits);
  • A minimum 2.1 degree.

Please note: in exceptional circumstances we will accept applications from candidates who do not meet our academic requirements. If this is your case, you will need to provide strong justification for why we should consider your application. You will also need to provide documentary evidence of any mitigating circumstances.

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