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Our Japanese Expatriate Tax Services team sits within our Global Mobility division and serves over 200 Japanese clients in the UK. As part of this team, you will join our Human Capital graduate programme and study for the Association of Tax Technicians (ATT) qualification. Once you are ATT examined, you will have the option to proceed to the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification. The team requires bi-lingual graduates to join them in London.

What will my day be like on the programme?

The complexity of managing an organisation’s expatriate workforce is great. With tax and social security arrangements differing from country to country, international assignments pose a significant risk to international businesses. Our professionals provide expatriate tax, social security and assignment management assistance to our clients.

As a member of the Japanese Expatriate Tax Services team, your client portfolio will contain a range of Japanese companies, from up and coming enterprises to leading global names. You’ll use your Japanese language skills (written and spoken) and draw on your knowledge of Japanese business culture on a daily basis through communication with your corporate clients, to advise and assist them with complex and fluctuating tax regulations. You’ll also be involved in the market-leading Japanese Discussion Club, a quarterly event tailored specially for our Japanese clients, to keep them abreast of the latest developments in tax, social security and immigration.

Your day to day role in one of the above teams will include:

  • Working with your team to help companies ensure that their workforce is compliant in tax and social security matters. In London we specialise in both UK and US taxes;
  • Meet with expatriates to advise them of the tax and social-security implications of moving countries;
  • Interacting with HR managers, finance or tax directors and assignment managers, as well as the individual assignees themselves. Regulations around the world change constantly, so we approach our clients with new ideas regularly;
  • Assist your team in advising companies on tax savings and planning opportunities;
  • Assist companies to plan cost-efficient, compliant international employee moves and expatriate policies;

What training and development will I receive in my first few years?

Your intensive in-house training will combine work on personal and technical skills with study for a professional qualification. You will study for the Association of Tax Technicians (ATT) qualification. Once you are ATT examined, you will have the option to proceed to the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification. The work is demanding with a steep learning curve. The training and development you receive will give you the expertise and experience you need to build yourself a reputation and have a real impact in your area of specialism.

What opportunities will the programme open up?

As your experience grows, so will your responsibility. You will begin to meet and correspond with clients directly, and be the face of EY to many external stakeholders.

You can:

  • Use your in-depth human-capital knowledge to become a dedicated advisor to your clients;
  • Lead mobility compliance programmes for our largest Japanese clients;
  • Focus your skills internally to lead in the Human Capital service;
  • Participate in an international assignment programme in one of our global offices.

You may choose to specialise in your chosen market, increase your client portfolio, and take on more responsibility for clients and projects. There will be greater scope to work with other parts of the business once you have gained the necessary experiences and this will help you make informed decisions on your future career path.

Once sufficiently qualified and proven, you will have the opportunity to go on secondment to other offices across the globe through any of our structured assignment programs and benefit from additional skills that you could pick up on the way.

The rate at which you progress at EY depends entirely on you. Whether you choose to become a tax specialist or a leader in the organisation and coordination of extensive assignment policies, you will benefit from the wealth of resources that the firm has to offer, along with world-class training and experiences.

What are my options when I apply?

To apply, you must be a fluent Japanese speaker. Please be advised that there will be a 30 minute language test as part of the first interview.

Our Japanese Expatriate Tax team are based in London.

Entry requirements:

You are eligible to apply for this programme if you are studying for an honours degree or have graduated with an honours degree. You must be a fluent Japanese speaker to join the Japanese Expatriate Tax Services team.

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