National Equality Standard

National Equality Trading Standard

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The National Equality Trading Standard is coming soon...

The National Equality Trading Standard is being developed in response to the needs of procurers in the public and private sector.

It will set a benchmark which organisations can ask suppliers to be assessed against in order to demonstrate that they are meeting basic legal Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) requirements.

It will allow businesses to demonstrate a level of diversity proficiency so that they can meet the requirements of public and private sector buyers during the procurement process.

The National Equality Trading Standard will ensure a consistent and standardised measure for all suppliers.

Benefits for organisations undertaking the National Equality Trading Standard

Complying with the National Equality Trading Standard will enable you to:

  • Gain a competitive edge when bidding for contracts
  • Track equality performance improvements
  • Diversify your supply chain and remove barriers for organisations to supply
  • Monitor and measure the diversity ownership of top tier suppliers
  • Enable you to evaluate supplier responses in a transparent and consistent way.

National Equality Trading Standard Assessment

As a buyer your organisation has an opportunity to influence diversity excellence through your supply chain , simplify your procurement processes and promote positive change.

As a supplier you will be able to demonstrate you EDI commitments, meet compliance against equality legislation, best practice and clearly address equality tendering requirements.

The EY Assessment

  • We assess organisations against a set of core EDI competencies and will:
  • Produce a summary report at the end of the review
  • Identify missing evidence and the need for improvement.


EY is currently hosting the National Equality Standard website and is working closely with our partner Microsoft to develop an interactive NES portal.