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Bonds: are you ready?

Green bonds issuance soared to almost US$14b in 2013, indicating a deep pool of capital for the clean energy sector. But a closer look shows that project bonds in particular — though not that different to project finance — are not a one-size-fits-all solution to the entire sector’s funding needs. Scale, structure, construction finance, and presentation of the deal to the market are key for developers and investors to successfully leverage the benefits of the bond market.

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Taking the hot air out of the energy debate.

One of the defining characteristics of 2013 was the power of policy — or often, politics — in the energy debate. But too often this debate is one-sided, uninformed and opaque. Policy-makers’ rhetoric suggests they are trying to juggle different energy objectives, when in truth, it all comes down to economics.

In light of this, governments and the energy industry must discuss the terms of trade to determine energy’s true cost. The time for games and political point scoring has ended, and the time for sensible, grown-up debate has begun.

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