London Ventures

EY - Exceptional Extras, January-June 2014
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Transforming public services delivery

London Ventures is a new model for local government designed to transform the delivery of public services in our capital. Developed and managed by EY in partnership with London Councils, the programme brings together private sector companies, investors and local authorities to drive innovation and cost efficiencies.

Taking advantage of EY’s extensive network, the programme partners with private and third sector organisations, helps them to develop their innovative ideas and concepts and tailor them to the local government market.

Through these new concepts, or ventures, London Ventures instils a collaborative approach in public services delivery. It helps local authorities work together, using their combined weight to drive better commercial deals with suppliers. It also encourages cross-sector partnerships that provide positive outcomes for local authorities, suppliers and investors alike.

London Ventures is overseen by the Capital Ambition Board which brings together all 32 London boroughs and the City of London.

For more information about current ventures, how to apply your concept to the local government market and how local authorities can engage with the programme, please explore the navigation bar to the left.

Please send any questions to or contact a member of our project team listed on the right.