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Government & Public Sector contacts

EY - George Atalla George Atalla
Global Government & Public Sector Leader
EY - Rohan Malik Rohan Malik
Government & Public Sector EMEIA Emerging Markets Leader

EY - Arnauld Bertrand Arnauld Bertrand
Global Government & Public Sector Advisory Leader
EY - Janet Dawson Janet Dawson
Global Government & Public Sector Assurance Leader
EY - Bill Banks Bill Banks
Global Government & Public Sector TAS Leader
Petr Medvedev, EY Petr Medvedev
Global Government & Public Sector Tax Leader


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EY - Bjorn Conway Björn Conway
Lead Partner
UK&I Government and Public Sector
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EY - Radhika Chadwick Radhika Chadwick

EY - John Marsh John Marsh
Executive Director

EY - David Smith David Smith
Executive Director

EY - Craig Watkins Craig Watkins
UK&I Government and Public Sector
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