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Government & Public Sector contacts

In the UK please contact:

Björn Conway
Lead Partner, UK&I Government and Public Sector
+44 [0]20 7980 9111

Esther Bernaldo De Quiros
Marketing Manager
+44 [0]20 7951 8192

Uschi Schreiber Global Government & Public Sector Leader Uschi Schreiber

Marc Andersen Americas Marc Andersen

  United States Marc Andersen

  Canada Charles-Antoine St-Jean

  Costa Rica Carlos Gallegos

  Brazil Liliana Junqueira

  Mexico Moises Alcalde

  Peru Egberto Tores

Dave Read Europe, Middle East, India, Africa Dave Read

  Austria Elfriede Baumann

  Belgium Guy Serraes

  Croatia Berislav Horvat

  Czech Republic Magdalena Soucek

  Denmark René Ravn Nielsen

  Estonia Hanno Lindpere

  Finland Kaj Työppönen

  France Gilles Puissochet

  Germany Hans-Peter Busson

  Greece Ioanna Kokkinou

  Hungary Istvan Havas

  India Gaurav Taneja

  Italy Dario Bergamo

  Lithuania Linas Dicpetris

  Latvia Andris Laucins

  Luxembourg Pierre Mangers

  Norway Anne Grette

  Poland Marcin Borek

  Romania Camelia Horlaci

  Russia Olga Arkhangelskaya

  Saudi Arabia Waleed AlShubaili

  South Africa Yunus Naidoo 

  Spain Chus Escobar

  Sweden Susanne Tillqvist

  Switzerland Bernadette Koch

  The Netherlands Rob Ellermeijer

  Turkey Selim Elhadef

Bjorn Conway United Kingdom Björn Conway

Tohru Ohshitanai Japan Tohru Ohshitanai

Uschi Schreiber Asia Pacific Uschi Schreiber

  China Martin Qi

  Singapore Mildred Tan

  Thailand Yaowaluk Chadbunchachai

  Oceania Jim Birch


Contact us

Bjorn Conway Björn Conway
Lead Partner
UK&I Government and Public Sector

Esther Bernaldo de Quiros Esther Bernaldo de Quiros
Marketing Manager
+44 [0]20 7951 8192

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