• APPG Women in Parliament Inquiry

    We're proud sponsors of APPG Improving Parliament: Creating a more representative house. Encouraging women into public life and Parliament.

  • EY are proud sponsors of the Civil Services Awards, 19 November 2014

    The leading awards programme for the Civil Service, organised alongside the Cabinet Office to celebrate outstanding achievement in the Civil Service.

  • Building a better retirement world

    Few countries have implemented pension and retirement solutions that sufficiently account for fundamental demographic changes. How can governments ensure the financial well-being of retirees?

  • Dynamics: bridging the gap

    Huge disparities and inequalities continue to exist around the world. How are development professionals working to bridge the gap?

  • UK winning inward investment race as opportunities abound

    Our latest UK Attractiveness Survey shows inward investment into the UK rose 15% last year, as it remains Europe’s no1 destination for global investors.

  • Working with the World Bank Group to end poverty

    Find out how we are supporting the World Bank Group in fulfilling the twin goals of ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity.

  • Dynamics : collaborating for growth

    While growth is stabilizing, much remains to be done to reduce poverty, unemployment and infrastructure deficits. What are the goals of global development leaders?

  • Dynamics: power to the people

    Sustainable progress on issues such as poverty, health care and infrastructure remains elusive. We look at international development challenges and the paths to progress.

  • London Ventures

    The London Ventures project gives providers and suppliers the opportunity to access London public services leadership and test innovative ideas and concepts.

Government & Public Sector

Doing more with less

With a fresh approach to the way we serve the Government sector, we combine private sector best practice with an understanding of the public sector’s diverse needs. We focus on building capability to deliver improved public services, providing business consulting, financial assurance and advisory services to our public sector clients. Our government practice focuses on helping our clients implement government policy, in order to drive benefits and growth through financial effectiveness, operational performance efficiencies and major programme delivery – on time and to budget.

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