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Local public services

Along with our clients we share a deep commitment to public value. We work with our clients to ensure more efficient public services, bringing the best thinking and practical experience to help deliver tangible, sustainable improvement.

Our government practice produces and supports original research and thought leadership on current issues affecting local public services.

EY - London Ventures

London Ventures

The London Ventures project gives providers and suppliers the opportunity to access London public services leadership and test innovative ideas and concepts.

EY - Smart Transport

Smart Transport

Smart Transport allows passengers to travel using not only a smart card, but also contact less bank cards, smart phones and even wearable devices – once technology and customer demands are mature enough. It is key to improving transport and infrastructure efficiency and enhancing customer experience.

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Care Brokerage: Developing a sustainable model for adult social care

Care Brokerage is a new service for local authorities, which will manage the placement of users into care, develop a sustainable, local model of social care funding, and support effective market management.

Contracts optimisation / Commercial excellence

In times of austerity getting value for money is an ongoing challenge for most organisations. Often the best way to yield savings quickly is to optimise the value of existing supplier contracts (714K, November 2012). Find out how effectively managing these, and minimising waste in your business activities can typically save your organisation between 5% to 15% of its contract spend.

Driving efficiency in public sector estates

More effective use of the £370bn of UK public buildings is crucial to public sector efficiency and reform. Find out how our innovative, practical solutions link property with service design, finance, technology, customer demand, working practices and commercial excellence (762K, November 2012).  £1 saved on rent, heating, lighting and maintenance is £1 extra to the front-line.

Getting more from strategic commissioning

Public sector spending cuts and their impact on local authority budgets is one of many challenges faced. Local authorities need a new approach to manage social, economic, political and financial dynamics (951K, November 2012). Our method not only brings innovation and service delivery and cultural change, but also provides an opportunity to redefine your organisation and how you operate around core priorities.

Integrating health and social care

Health and social care organisations are under pressure to make significant financial savings, while services are increasingly under pressure from increased public expectation and the needs of an aging population. Our integrated systems approach can help increase productivity (777K, November 2012), offer savings and service improvements through reduced admissions, and efficiency through reduced duplication.

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