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Smart Grid - Overview - EY - United Kingdom

Smart Grid: A race worth winning?

A report by EY for SmartGrid GB on the economic benefits of smart grid

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As a result of trends like the electrification of heat and transport, and the growth of distributed renewable generation, the way customers use electricity networks is changing. Distribution grids must change, both to meet new demands and maintain security and quality of supply during a period of great uncertainty.

The debate around the benefits of smart grid is complex. With the help of a large number of interviews, we have done our best to navigate these complexities in our report.

Our key conclusion is that the case for smart grid is compelling, strong across different scenarios, and supported by international evidence. The report also identifies the need for a wider perspective around the GB smart grid debate, and fresh thinking to recognise and realise its benefits.

Bill Easton, Director, Transaction, Advisory Services, EY


About SmartGrid GB

This report was commissioned by 23 leading companies, all with different expertise, and often with competing interests. All believe that accelerating development of smart grid will benefit Britain in the long term.

SmartGrid GB is a cross-industry stakeholder group acting as the national champion for smart grid development in Britain. It provides the Department of Energy and Climate Change and Ofgem with an independent, cross-industry view on what kind of smart grid Britain needs and how to achieve this. It also acts as a focal point around which the value chain can come together and share ideas on how to make smart grid a reality.


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Download the PDF version of Smart Grid: a race worth winning?

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