EY ITEM Club special reports

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March 2016: Special Report on Consumer Spending
One last hurrah for UK consumers in 2016 before household incomes are severely squeezed next year.


November 2015: Autumn Statement Preview

September 2015: Special Report on business investment
The UK economy should avoid 'secular stagnation', with business investment reaching a record high.

February 2015: Special Report on Labour
Strong rises in employment combined with very weak growth earnings mean first real pay rise since 2007.

Budget 2015

Read Mark Gregory's and Peter Spencer's commentary on the Chancellor's Budget.

EY ITEM Club Budget preview

The OBR’s new forecasts are likely to cheer the Chancellor, who will be able to trumpet upgrades to economic forecasts and downgrades to borrowing projections.


December 2014: Autumn Statement Preview

September 2014: Special report on consumer spending
No consumer spending boom as workers face a lost decade of wage growth.

June 2014: Special report on services exports
EY ITEM Club's special report identifies services exports' increasingly vital role in rebalancing the UK economy away from consumer spending.

March 2014: Budget preview 2014

January 2014: Special report on housing
The return of house price inflation has raised concerns over the risk of a renewed housing bubble.


December 2013: Autumn Statement preview

December 2013: Special report on exports
There’s no question that the UK urgently needs to revitalise growth in its exports, but it’s also clear that the global opportunity for UK exporters is huge – with a massive prize on offer if the UK can reverse several years of underperformance.

June 2013: Special report on consumer spending
With a confidence boost from a strengthening economy, consumers are set to return to the UK high street.

May 2013: Special report on inflation
High inflation will remain permanent fixture in UK economy says EY ITEM Club report.


December 2012: Autumn Statement preview
EY ITEM Club calls for Treasury to sign £14bn cheque for two-year investment in shovel ready infrastructure projects.

November 2012: Special report on business investment
The UK is facing an investment crisis with business investment by UK corporates 15% below pre-recession levels.

June 2012: Special report on consumer spending
Short term outlook for consumer demand growth in 2012 and 2013 expected to reach only half the level predicted in June 2011.

May 2012: Special report on consumer spending
Light at the end of the tunnel for the UK consumer after a torrid five years.