EY’s analysis of UK profit warnings

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EY has collected and analysed data on UK company profit warnings since 1999. Our quarterly Analysis of UK Profit Warnings, issued by quoted companies, provides an insight into profit warning trends and the key economic, sector and market issues facing all businesses.

Our Restructuring professionals can help achieve a positive outcome for companies seeking to rebuild profitability.

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UK Profit Warnings Q1 2014

The economy picked up speed in Q1, but so did the number of profit warnings, with UK quoted companies issuing 74. Read the full report (668K, April 2014) and the press release.

UK Profit Warnings Q4 2013

UK profit warnings (664K, January 2014) fell to a three-year low in 2013, but the year ended with a bitter twist that saw 73 warnings issued in the final quarter – a rise of 30% on Q3. Read our press release.

UK Profit Warnings Q3 2013

Conditions for listed businesses improved in Q3 (1Mb, October 2013), but the outlook is clouded by a late spike in profit warnings not seen since the financial crisis. Read our press release.

UK Profit Warnings Q2 2013

In Q2 profit warnings fell to their lowest level since 2011 as the UK economy continued to gain momentum. Read the full report (739K, July 2013) and the press release.

UK Profit Warnings Q1 2013

Quoted companies issued 72 profit warnings in Q1, but numbers should fall if expectations remain in balance and the global economy holds steady.  Read the full report (1Mb, April 2013) and the press release.

UK Profit Warnings Q4 2012

This quarter UK quoted companies issued the most profit warnings since the height of the financial crisis last year. Read the full report (1.2Mb, January 2013) and the press release.

UK Profit Warnings rise in Q3 2012

One of the wettest summers on record combined with the underlying weakness of the UK and global economies contributed to the rise in profit warnings (1.1Mb, October 2012). Also read our press release.

UK profit warnings fall 18% in Q2 2012

UK profit warnings fell 18% in Q2, as much because of reduced expectations, falling input prices and companies battening down the hatches, as because of improving trading conditions. Read the full report (1.3Mb, July 2012), and the press release.