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13-14 May 2013 | The Oakley Court, Windsor, United Kingdom

The EY IPO Retreat

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Time to IPO?

For many successful fast growth businesses, there will come a time to consider a flotation. Do you need to raise money to expand the business, to diversify into new markets, to buy another company, or so that existing shareholders can realise their investments? Becoming a publicly listed company can also make it easier to raise further money in the future.

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) gives UK and international companies access to one of the world’s biggest sources of investment capital. Every type of business, from entrepreneurial start-ups to the largest corporates, can be found on the LSE exchanges.

The path to an IPO can be challenging. There are many changes required, but most significantly, an IPO requires a change in mind-set. Preparing for a float takes significant resource and commitment and you need to allow plenty of time for the changes to bed in.

2012 was a challenging environment for IPOs. In our opinion, the window will re-open on the LSE during 2013 when the appetite for flotations increases, companies will benefit from moving quickly. Experience shows that the most successful IPOs are those that are planned in advance, so now is the right time to start preparing.

Of course, a flotation is not the only way to raise capital, nor indeed the most appropriate way for every business – it is essential to evaluate all the options and be confident in your decision.

The EY IPO Retreat is the perfect platform to help companies understand and evaluate their options and what each involves. Now in its ninth year, it is a unique way for businesses to become immersed in the issues.