Corporate Responsibility Services

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EY's Corporate Responsibility (CR) Services help organisations to understand and manage the environmental, social and ethical aspects of business performance which are most critical to the long term success and reputation of their organisation. Through tailored solutions, we help organisations to assess and build programmes which deliver confidence to boards and stakeholders that the risks and opportunities presented by the CR agenda are effectively assessed, managed and accurately reported.

The dimensions of our work cover a broad range of issues including climate change, environmental performance, health and safety, employee management, stakeholder engagement, ethical performance, economic development, community investment and human rights. Our team bring subject matter expertise across all of these areas as well as a strong appreciation of the business context of corporate responsibility and the need for integration with broader business decision making and performance management processes.

We work with many of the global leaders in CR across several sectors including the Oil & Gas, Utilities, Telecoms, Government, Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods sectors.

What do our clients ask us for?
Corporate Responsibility is one of the top board room issues and an increasingly important part of investors’ agendas. Our clients want to build confidence that their activities and investments in areas such as climate change, ethical trading, supply chain management and health and safety are targeted at the right issues which will help to drive out risk and build value in their businesses. Our services have been developed to help our clients respond to what they have told us are the most pressing challenges for them. Here are some of the common CR challenges that our clients are talking to us about:

  • We have had a corporate responsibility programme in place for a number of years but are not confident that it is appropriately targeted at the right issues.

  • We need to understand who our key stakeholders are, what is on their agenda and how we can respond.

  • We are producing a Sustainability Report and want to feel confident that it can stand up to external scrutiny and be credible amongst other reports.

  • We have a whole range of activities targeted at climate change, however we do not have a strategic climate programme to build cohesion across these activities and are currently finding it difficult to monitor progress.

  • We know we are doing some great things in corporate responsibility across our business but we do not seem to be recognised for this by our key stakeholders.

  • We want to build confidence in the reports our Board receives on progress in Corporate Responsibility but recognise our reporting systems are relatively immature.

  • We have a major infrastructure project underway and want to deliver it in way which is consistent with our values and business principles.

We provide both assurance and advisory services including:

  • Assurance over, ongoing CR programmes and external non-financial statements and reports.

  • Development and testing of business controls underpinning non-financial data and assurance of statements of performance.

  • Review and development of CR programmes, performance management processes and assurance frameworks.

  • Development of CR strategies that focus on key issues and enhance relationships with key stakeholder groups.

  • Advice on the development of CR governance (including CR committees) and CR risk identification.

  • Advice on sustainability reporting and non-financial KPI’s.

  • Corporate Responsibility reviews of major projects and programmes.

  • Corporate Responsibility Programme Management

For more information on Corporate Responsibility Services, please contact:

Email Douglas Johnston
 +44 [0]20 7951 4630
Email Claire Rainsford
Client Service Senior Manager
 +44 [0]20 7951 3853
Email Mark Fisher
Client Service Senior Manager
 +44 [0]20 7951 2973
Email Simon Abrams
Client Service Senior Manager
 +44 [0]20 7951 6512

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