CFO and finance director programme

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Recent years have seen greater challenges for the finance function. Once seen as a predominantly supportive role, the finance function has evolved into a more strategic role, providing guidance and insight to the rest of the business and helping assess potential new investments.

The finance function can, and should, play an important role in evaluating opportunities, providing management information across a range of indicators and collaborating with other functions to achieve strategic goals.

Our CFO and finance director programmes throughout the UK aim to support CFOs by providing:

  • Technical workshops and dinners focused on strategic challenges
  • ITEM Club economic briefings
  • Other peer group networks.

For more insight, thought leadership and tools, visit our global CFO pages.


CFO programmes

  • Financial Service CFO programme

    If you are a CFO in the financial service sector and would like to know more about this programme please email us, or call Jag Chana on +44 [0]20 7951 8152.


  • EY private equity-backed CFO roundtable series

    If you are the CFO of a private equity-backed company where the deal size is 200m + Euros and would like to know more about this series, please email us. or call Tricia O'Shea on +44 [0]113 298 2509


  • EY regional CFO series

    For further information about our regional events, please email us, or call Gaynor Appleyard on +44 [0]113 298 2432



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