Rebalancing the economy

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The UK is showing strong signs of recovery from the recent recession and holds the number one position in Europe for Foreign Direct Investment. Our 2014 UK Attractiveness Survey tells a compelling story of growth, but raises issues around the concentration of investment in London, with our regions showing slower signs of recovery. At EY, we are committed to understanding the reasons behind this and to start looking at ways in which the UK can effectively ‘rebalance its economy'. We believe that now is the time to consider the manufacturing opportunity.


EY ITEM Club: Winter Forecast

EY - City buildings

Silver lining in the storm clouds turns gold.

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Supporting fast growth businesses and entrepreneurship in London

EY - London skyline and River Thames

London is a global business hub. Find out how we bring our experience of the city and its issues together with specific industry knowledge to support London businesses.

UK Attractiveness Survey

The UK is now the most attractive European location for global investors, up from eighth place to fifth in the worldwide ranking of countries that investors see as attractive for FDI over the next three years.

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EY ITEM Club: Outlook for Financial Services Spring 2015

EY - City buildings

The UK economic outlook is positive. GDP is rising, business investment strong, and export performance expected to improve. What does this mean for FS in 2015?

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UK Profit Warnings: Q4 2014

EY - UK Profit Warnings Q4 2014

Profit warnings hit a six-year high of 299 in 2014, with more FTSE 100 companies warning in 2014 than at the height of the credit crunch.

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EY ITEM Club Special Report on Labour

EY - High rise city buildings

Strong rises in employment combined with very weak growth earnings mean first real pay rise since 2007, but don’t expect a return to boom time wage growth.

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Scotland Attractiveness Survey

In 2013 Scotland attracted 82 global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects – an increase of 8% on the previous year’s figure and only six short of the record number of 88 recorded in 1997.

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EY Scottish ITEM Club Forecast 2015

EY - Walking feet and their shadows on pavement

Scotland’s economy will continue to grow into 2015 following its strongest year since the financial crisis.

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Scotland’s Changing Landscape

Change is coming to Scotland, and it is imperative Scottish businesses are ready to respond.

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