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The top 10 risks and opportunities for global organizations - Top 10 opportunities - Videos - EY - United Kingdom

The top 10 opportunities: videos

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EY Advisory professionals share their insights into the top 10 opportunities in a series of short videos.

While risk continues to dominate the business agenda, competition is becoming just as dominant a feature. Market volatility, pricing pressure, variations in market performance, demanding stakeholders – all have contributed to a global economy that encourages competitive drive. And with that drive comes opportunity. For that reason, we have broadened the scope of what has traditionally been our Business Risks report to incorporate both risks and opportunities.

Gerard GallagherGerard Gallagher, Head of Markets for UK and Ireland Advisory, introduces the top 10 opportunities facing organisations right now.

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1. Improving execution of strategy across business functions
Dan O'Regan
Further information
2. Investing in process, tools and training to achieve greater productivity
Stephen Lambert
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3. Investing in IT

Craig Glindemann
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4. Innovating in products, services and operations
Ben Castell
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5. Emerging market demand growth
Richard Taylor
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6. Investing in cleantech

Steve Lang
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7. Excellence in investor relations
Pamela Spence
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8. New marketing channels

Richard Ingleton
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9. Mergers and acquisitions
Michel Driessen
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10. Public-private partnership
Steve Kirby
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Gerard GallagherQuestions to ask yourself and what else is coming up

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