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Accounting Compliance and Reporting

Get it right and keep it right

Finance transformation on a global scale can pose new challenges and risks. Organizations must strike a balance by achieving the right control through risk mitigation, visibility and consistent quality, and the right efficiency across processes and systems, while creating the right value for the business at lower cost. Companies that get it right and keep it right are positioned to see their investments in global finance become truly transformational.

Accounting Compliance and Reporting services is focused on helping large, multinational companies meet their financial reporting requirements in the many countries where they do business. Companies across industries are engaged in finance transformation initiatives, marked by expansion into emerging markets, the deployment of Shared Services Centers and the continuous drive for efficiency and lower costs.

Managed centrally, our services link our competencies in finance and tax to support the full spectrum of compliance needs. Our suite of services include:

  • Statutory reporting services (delivering statutory financial statements)
  • A range of accounting support to assist the internal finance functions, including:
  • Group-to-local GAAP conversion
  • Post-general ledger "record" accounting, such as assistance with period close, trial balance compilation, reconciliations, and data gathering and analysis
  • Group-to-local GAAP-to-tax conversion in coordination with
    EY tax professionals

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EY - Whistleblowing – change is coming

Whistleblowing – change is coming

The PCBS has published recommendations for enhancing corporate transparency, governance and integrity. Firms should consider their whistleblowing framework’s effectiveness, and whether their culture encourages employees to raise concerns.

Improving trust and confidence in corporate governance

The Financial Reporting Lab aims to improve financial reporting effectiveness in the UK by creating a dialogue between companies and the investment community, and providing practical observations on reporting approaches. It recently initiated a project to develop best practice audit committee reporting, in light of the 2012 versions of the UK Corporate Governance Code and Guidance on Audit Committees.

Future of UK and Irish GAAP Spring 2013

The Future of UK and Irish GAAP

The new UK and Ireland financial reporting framework is now a reality. Understanding its impact will help you resolve issues ahead of adoption.

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EY - The new viability statement: poll results

The new viability statement: poll results

The FRC’s September 2014 revision to the UK Corporate Governance Code is creating discussion, particularly the changes relating to risk management, internal control effectiveness and the viability statement. To help companies understand these, we ran a webcast attended by over 300 finance leaders, and conducted live opinion polls to gain an understanding of participant views. Here’re some highlights.

The viability statement: Finding opportunities in the new regulatory challenge March 2015

A thoughtful response to the 2014 Corporate Governance Code’s new viability statement requirements could bring opportunities, including enhanced business resilience, a lower cost of capital, better understanding of risk appetite, and the potential for improved financial performance.

Our new thought leadership report The viability statement: Finding opportunities in the new regulatory challenge:

  • highlights the opportunities for companies if they develop a thoughtful response to the changes (whilst also meeting compliance obligations)
  • provides our views on some of the  issues boards and management need to consider
  • suggests actions companies should take to ensure they meet the new viability statement requirements in their 2015 ARAs.


EY - 2014 Financial Reporting Outlook conference

2014 Financial Reporting Outlook conference

As company reporting issues are occurring with increasing regularity, EY’s 2014 Financial Reporting Outlook conference shone a searching light on the Annual Report and Accounts – and beyond.


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Our XBRL Services

Over 30 regulators across the globe have mandated XBRL as their required electronic reporting format. Find out how we can help.

EY - Future of UK and Irish GAAP

UK and Irish GAAP

The new financial reporting framework in the UK and Ireland is now a reality. Understanding the business and financial impacts of the change will help you resolve key issues ahead of adoption.