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Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services

Integrity delivers benefits

Companies that act with integrity in addressing acute business problems have an advantage with real benefits. To that end, we help companies manage risk, investigate alleged misconduct and fraud, and measure the financial implications of disputes.

When unusual financial activity is suspected, our investigation, dispute and technology professionals will work with you to help resolve conflicts and realise value in the most challenging circumstances – all with the sensitivity and urgency required.

With over 2,000 professionals globally, some of the world’s largest companies – and many of its best-known law firms – turn to EY.

Our areas of focus include:

Fraud and Investigations

Addressing the risks associated with fraud and other misconduct is not a new phenomenon. Coupled with continual advances in technology and the broadening activity of prosecutors and regulators, the financial and reputational consequences of not doing enough to tackle these problems are escalating.

Experienced in forensic accounting, financial and securities regulation, technology systems, and risk management, our multidisciplinary teams investigate situations where you suspect there is a problem. We also help you take preventative measures and minimise the risk of such problems occurring in the first place.

Our key services:

  • Investigating fraud

    We conduct pragmatic, evidence-based investigations into business fraud and other potential wrong-doing, including financial misstatement, sanctions, violations and money laundering. We rapidly respond to a crisis, uncover the facts and work with you to manage an appropriate response. We can help you trace, freeze and recover assets, and identify the root cause of the issue, all with minimal disruption to your business.

  • Investigating bribery and corruption

    We investigate suspicions of bribery and corruption, carry out forensic due diligence and assist with disclosure requirements for regulatory investigations, often utilising our global forensic network to examine risk or uncover unethical behaviour at its source. We also design and implement effective governance models for preventative and remedial work.

  • Investigating fraud and financial crime in the financial services sector

    We work with you to carry out financial crime investigations as well as manage relationships with the regulators. We also help detect, measure and analyse financial crime, providing advice for fraud detection frameworks.

Fraud Risk Management brochure

For information, please contact John Smart or Jonathan Middup.

Dispute Services

Our team has extensive experience across the many different dispute resolution mechanisms and jurisdictions. We can advise on the accounting, financial and valuation aspects of contentious issues, whether at pre-action, negotiation or during formal proceedings. Our expertise in dealing with complex litigation cases means we can handle the most complicated issues.

Our services:

  • Expert Witness Services

    Our market leading experts bring strong track records of providing independent evidence to the Court or Tribunal on liability, causation and quantum issues. They have a pragmatic, hands on approach, and can clearly articulate financial and business issues relating to complex contentious claims.

  • Commercial and Contractual Dispute Services

    We bring commercially astute advice to support clients from multiple sectors throughout the negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation processes. Our extensive experience in quantification gives us the ability to identify innovative, alternative ways of quantifying a claim, and we can draw on this experience to identify further potential areas of the claim which may have been overlooked.

  • Professional Negligence Services

    Our professional negligence specialists provide robust technical auditing and accounting expertise. We can provide expert opinion on the extent and standard of work carried out, help assess a claim’s strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate what losses may be recoverable.

  • International Arbitration

    Our international arbitration team has significant experience providing expert evidence in International Arbitration proceedings such as under the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), and International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). Our team can provide expert advice on accounting and quantum matters on complex international disputes across all major sectors.

  • Competition Law

    Our understanding of Competition Law helps our clients avoid regulatory action and mitigate the cost of litigation should it occur. We can check adequacy of compliance procedures, seek to reduce potential fines or damages payable, help challenge regulators’ decisions, and support actions to claim damages from others.

  • Expert Determination

    We have acted as an Independent Accounting Expert in disputes providing objective determination on disputed items between parties, and provided forensic accounting advice to support a party’s submission to the Expert.

  • Sales and Purchase Advisory

    Our team works at all stages of a transaction, providing an in-depth understanding of the deal and the best possible advice. Our team will advise on issues as they arise, from specialist due diligence, to completion accounts preparation and disputes, to warranty claims.

For further information, please contact Richard Indge or Sara Fowler.

Forensic Transaction Services

Transactions to acquire or sell businesses represent a balance of risk and reward for the parties. Whilst most deals are completed successfully, some inevitably lead to disputes between the parties.

We provide advice throughout the transaction process, from pre-deal due diligence to a review of the draft sale and purchase agreement and the resolution of disputes over the purchase price. In so doing we help you reduce risk and provide greater certainty that the post-completion outcome of a transaction is in line with your commercial expectations.

Our services:

  • Sales and purchase agreement (SPA) reviews
  • Forensic, anti-bribery and corruption and anti-competition due diligence
  • Completion account reviews
  • Expert determination submissions to an expert
  • Acting as an independent expert / reporting accountant
  • Breach of warranty claim advice
  • Other post-acquisition investigations and disputes

To find out more about our services, contact Maggie Stilwell.

Business Integrity and Corporate Compliance

Pressures are mounting on businesses to demonstrate profitable growth achieved in an ethical way. Many organisations are investing heavily in compliance programmes and risk management systems in order to demonstrate that they are acting with integrity as well as to avoid prosecution.

We help companies manage risk, investigate alleged misconduct and measure the financial implications when issues arise. We bring together members of our team with deep sector knowledge and extensive experience of risks such as bribery and corruption, fraud, money laundering, competition and anti-trust, data protection and privacy, sanctions, mis-selling and counterfeiting. We understand the exposure, manage the risks and provide advice or support a response when necessary.

Our services:

  • Identifying risk exposures

    We help you understand how the behaviours and activities across your business are exposing you to real or perceived risks and how the underlying culture is mitigating or exacerbating that exposure.

    Depending upon your risk profile and the maturity of your existing risk management and compliance programmes, we can support you by performing Business Integrity and Compliance Risk Assessments; conducting third party risk assessments and due diligence; developing proactive forensic data analytics; or helping to upskill your existing internal audit and compliance teams through training and work programme development.

  • Implementing compliance programmes

    We help you understand how to enhance your programme, create alignment across key risk areas, determine the level of resources required to sustain the programme, assess it’s effectiveness and support its implementation.

    We achieve this by performing Compliance Programme Effectiveness Assessments and benchmarking your programme against our EY Compliance Maturity Model. We will also support the development of the core elements of your compliance programme including policies, training and monitoring.

  • Responding appropriately

    We help ensure you are prepared to make timely and proportionate responses to issues raised, investigate allegations, analyse trends, identify root causes and support remediation efforts.

    We achieve this by advising on investigation team structures, remit, process and methodology; support legal counsel utilising electronic discovery technology; analysing your data to spot anomalies and identify patterns or trends; and conducting independent investigations should an issue arise.

For more information, please contact John Smart.

Integrity Diligence

Understanding who you conduct business with has become more than just good business practice – it is smart compliance. Multinational organisations are rapidly adjusting to enforcement standards that hold companies responsible for the actions of their business partners and vendors, and require effective third-party due diligence.

EY Integrity Diligence helps clients design, implement and maintain effective third-party diligence systems on a global scale. Our multidisciplinary teams work internationally to develop in-depth research and analysis on the background and reputation of third parties, joint venture partners or acquisition targets, supporting better-informed decision making across your business. We combine comprehensive analysis of publically available data with the insights of colleagues across our global Forensics network.

Our services:

  • Integrity Diligence: EY_ID

    We have developed a proprietary technology platform – EY_ID – to help our clients address the challenges of a comprehensive and consistent integrity diligence process.

    EY_ID is a secure, end-to-end technology solution to connect companies, third parties, and service providers seamlessly on a single web-based platform. It acts as an automated focal point to collect, review, assess, and archive the information required for a robust Know Your Third Party programme.

    The result is a centrally managed and globally accessible platform designed to improve standardisation, transparency, and accountability throughout the third-party life cycle.

    EY_ID is highly customisable with a tailored workflow. It offers advanced dashboards with visual data analytics and search functionality. Key features include:

    • An automated risk scoring engine driven by key third-party diligence results
    • Single-entry and bulk upload screening of third-party data
    • Customised third-party questionnaires and certifications
    • Auditable repository third-party records, diligence reports and approval.
  • Transaction Forensics

    We help clients manage bribery and corruption risks associated with transactions by conducting in-depth research on acquisition targets, joint venture partners or other entities involved in the deal. The support can be stand-alone, or part of wider Due Diligence engagements. Our research includes reviews of online material, retrieval of physical records, reference checks and leveraging of our industry and market knowledge.

  • Enhanced Due Diligence

    We support financial services clients in relation to money laundering and other KYC requirements, focused on higher risk customers.

Watch our video on Integrity Diligence


The cost of engaging corrupt third parties has never been higher for multinational companies. The top 10 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act cases in the US all centred on the use of external parties to facilitate bribery, and ongoing Serious Fraud Office investigations are focused on third party agents. We know from working with large organisations how difficult it is to control third-party risk across the business – but regulators and boards are demanding a consistent and comprehensive approach. EY_ID is our response to that challenge.

For more information, please contact Gavin Proudley.

Forensic Technology and Discovery Services

Fraud Investigations. Disputes. Regulatory reviews. Regulatory compliance monitoring. Fraud risk management. Transaction monitoring.

In these and other contexts, businesses need to access unstructured data (such as emails, word documents and spreadsheets) and structured data (such as SAP or other accounting databases, HR, procurement or other databases) for relevant content.

It can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Let us help to remove some of the hay.

It is how EY makes a difference.

Our services:

  • eDiscovery and information governance

    Across all business sectors, clients are faced with a rising tide of disputes, investigations and regulatory reviews. Handling the relevant electronically stored information (ESI) in a consistent, defensible and cost effective way has become a key business challenge. We help you navigate these challenges and create solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We offer a range of services to assist you to respond to requirements to produce ESI in disputes, investigations and regulatory reviews. We can also help you to manage your ESI at source to enable you to better anticipate and respond to future requests in a consistent, defensible and cost-effective manner.

    Find out more about our Discovery Advisory, Data Processing and Hosting and Information Governance services.

  • Cybercrime

    We investigate hacking, data-breach and intellectual property theft when they occur and, more importantly, help stop them happening in the first place. Our cybercrime diagnostic can also regularly review your network for indicators that a breach has occurred.

    Find out more about Cybercrime diagnostics.

    Find out more about Cybercrime and data breaches

    Watch our webinars under our related content section

  • Software license forensics

    Software license management is a complex activity for both publishers and customers alike. In addition, software piracy continues to blight the industry. Our team uses forensic technologies to execute in-depth software license reviews and determine the provenance and proliferation of pirated products.

    Find out more.

  • Data analytics

    We combine deep forensic investigation knowledge with advanced analytical techniques such as investigative data linking, social network analysis, artificial intelligence and predictive modeling to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse.

For further information, please contact Sanjay Bhandari, Paul Walker or Glenn Perachio.

Find out more about our UK Partners and get in touch.

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