Big Data thinking

Make better decisions using the right data to innovate, protect and grow your business

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Good organisations are those who are collecting the right data from customers, employees and operations to make smart decisions to grow their revenue, cut costs and protect their organisation.

Great organisations are doing this AND using insight to innovate how they respond to the marketplace. If companies fail to use big data to identify areas to innovate, they will ultimately lose competitive advantage.

However, this is more than simply creating a big data strategy. Companies need to adapt to be truly data led.

We recognise that developing a big data strategy can be daunting. Companies know that they need to drive insight led decisions to enable them to become bolder and smarter, but how do they achieve this?

We can help you by building a big data strategy focused on meeting your business imperatives.


The perfect storm

The perfect storm is hitting the gaming industry as the Department of Justice focuses anti-money laundering efforts on the industry, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network takes a more aggressive stance against casino operators, and the use of “big data” to capture customer habits becomes more prevalent.


Challenges for Big Data

EY's Ben Taylor believes many companies are not getting maximum value from their investment in big data tools and technologies. It's time to revisit first principles and ask where is the value in big data?

EY Report:

Mining big data to mitigate corruption risk

In this EY report we look at how, for those charged with deterring, detecting and investigating misconduct, mining big data can be a particularly powerful tool to be utilized in their overall compliance and anti-fraud efforts.


Big data: Should it come with a big health warning?

Is there a looming crisis in big data? BBC technology journalist Mark Ward asks if the golden days of big data could be over - with commentary from EY's Patrick James.


The Changing Role of Data

EY's Patrick James describes how data is changing business - from the explosion of new data sources, to how an understanding of the intrinsic value of data can be used to evaluate a business.


Overcoming the challenges of big data

Big data is an innovation that businesses can use to drive competitive advantage. But the value of big data lies in the insights that your business can draw from it, rather than in the information itself.