Big Data: creating and protecting value

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EY - EMEIA Fraud Survey - Fraud and corruption – the easy option for growth?

EMEIA Fraud Survey 2015

Businesses are facing increasingly complex challenges to growth — market volatility, geopolitical instability, oil shocks and economic sanctions. But businesses are also under tremendous pressure to achieve this growth. In such circumstances, is unethical growth the easy option for growth?

EY Global Information Security Survey 2014

Despite organisations making progress on building the foundations of cybersecurity, most respondents report having only a “moderate” level of maturity in their foundations.

EY - Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey 2014

Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey 2014

For business executives across many industries and geographies, "big data" presents tremendous opportunities. For those charged with deterring, detecting and investigating misconduct, mining such data can be a particularly powerful tool to be utilized in their overall compliance and anti-fraud efforts.

Overcoming the challenges of big data

Big data is an innovation that businesses can use to drive competitive advantage. But the value of big data lies in the insights that your business can draw from it, rather than in the information itself.

The Big Data Backlash

We commissioned research amongst consumers to find out their attitudes to sharing personal information and how likely they are to change in the future. We also surveyed businesses to find out how reliant they are on intelligent data and how prepared they are for a potential intelligent data backlash.