Our latest energy insights

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Here's a selection of our latest insights and thought leadership. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact Kevin Corcoran.

EY - Utilities Unbundled issue 19Utilities Unbundled issue 19

The power and utilities business continues to transform. This issue highlights the contrasting pace of change across market reform, regulation, technology change and gender diversity.

EY - Renewable energy country attractiveness index June 2015Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index
June 2015

A more strategic mindset is needed to accelerate investment in energy storage, while empowering the Mediterranean is more than just keeping the lights on.

EY - Consumer attitudes toward energy provision Consumer attitudes toward energy provision
June 2015

Our latest report examines why consumers switch energy suppliers and considers the motivation behind their decision.

EY - Oil and gas capital confidence barometerOil and Gas Capital Confidence Barometer
May 2015

Our 12th Capital Confidence Barometer gauges corporate confidence in the economic outlook, and identifies boardroom trends and practices.

EY - Power transactions and trends Q1 2015Power transactions and trends | Q1 2015
May 2015

Q1 2015 saw deal value and volume at a three-year high for power and utilities. Will M&A be the sector’s biggest growth driver?

EY - Capital Confidence Barometer Power & Utilities - Deal intentions grow as focus shifts toward innovative acquisitionsPower & Utilities Capital Conf idence Barometer
May 2015

Our 12th Capital Confidence Barometer saw deal intentions grow as focus shifted toward innovative acquisitions.

EY - Empowering Energy CustomersEmpowering energy customers: attitudes to switching supplier
April 2015

Our survey found 24% of UK consumers switched gas or electricity supplier in 2014, a trend likely to continue this year.

EY - The UK Upstream Oil and Gas Supply ChainReview of the UK oilfield services industry
March 2015

Our fourth annual review of the UK oilfield services industry reviews the performance of all the supply chain categories, and compares the UKCS with the Norwegian oilfield services sector.

EY - Utilities Unbundled issue 18Utilities Unbundled issue 18
February 2015

Highlights innovative approaches to tackling big data, integrating renewable energy into our networks, and managing wastewater.

EY - Fuelling the next generation: A study of the UK upstream oil and gas workforceFuelling the next generation
December 2014

We take a look at the UK’s current and future upstream oil and gas labour market, and provide insight on issues affecting the industry.

EY Value Assurance ReportHow value assurance drives successful delivery of oil and gas capital projects
November 2014

We look at how value assurance can help you gain a competitive edge when delivering large-scale oil and gas capital projects.

EY - Powering the UK 2014Powering the UK 2014
Empowering UK growth, jobs and energy users through continued investment

October 2014

Powering the UK sets out the energy sector’s vital contribution to the UK's economy and prosperity. Find out more.

EY - Spotlight on oil and gas megaprojectsSpotlight on oil and gas megaprojects
August 2014

Spotlight on megaprojects explores capital projects in the oil and gas industry. For this issue we researched the performance of 365 oil and gas megaprojects and found 64% facing cost overruns and 73% reporting schedule delays. Take a closer look at why, and what we can do to help.

Oil and Gas EyeOil and Gas Eye
August 2014

Q2 2014: A small step forward for junior oil and gas companies, but conditions remain tough for many.

EY - Getting ready for UK shale gasGetting ready for UK shale gas
April 2014

This report, prepared for UK Onshore Operators Group, considers the investment, supply chain and skills needed for the UK to realise the potential of shale gas.

EY - Energy lessons for waterEnergy lessons for water
April 2014

This article first appeared in Utility Week on Friday 17 January 2014.
To understand the water retail market post-2017 we looked at the non-domestic energy retail market, and asked large non-domestic water users what they need and expect from a competitive market.

EY - Where does the money go?Water: Where does the money go?
March 2014

This article first appeared in Utility Week on Friday 17 January 2014.
We consider the key operational challenges water companies are facing, and what they need to do to get a grip of total expenditure (totex).

EY - M&A capital raising 2013 trends 2014 outlookM&A and capital raising – 2014 outlook, 2013 trends
March 2014

Well capitalized investors, from traditional private equity to newer private capital funds, are expected to drive M&A activity in the year ahead.

EY - How value assurance drives successful delivery of oil and gas capital projectsHow value assurance drives successful delivery of oil and gas capital projects

Large-scale oil and gas capital projects carry significant risk. For large, novel projects, there are risks to value associated with optimising concept selection and front-end design, and change management is critical because of the knock-on impact changes may have on detailed design. It is therefore vital to have the appropriate value assurance system in place.

EY - Grasping the thistleGrasping the Thistle – adding energy to the debate
November 2013

After polling senior executives from Scotland's oil and gas industry, they cumulatively feel that they'll have to pay more tax under an independent Scotland, despite the current Government's consistent claims of a reduction.

EY - Rising Tides: Global trends in the emerging ocean energy marketRising Tides: Global trends in the emerging ocean energy market
September 2013

An overview of trends in the ocean energy sector identifying different tidal technologies and the future benefits they can bring. Also includes a country focus looking at each country’s current status, developments in policy and future perspectives.

EY - Do you need a chief resource and energy officer?Do you need a chief resource and energy officer?
September 2013

There is a compelling case for elevating corporate resource management to the highest levels of executive management through a chief resource and energy officer (CREO) position. Our report considers the role’s value, key responsibilities, and potential models for integrating it into an organisation.

EY - Global renewable energy country attractiveness and resource mapGlobal renewable energy country attractiveness and resource map
September 2013

A global view of the renewable energy landscape by combining the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index rankings with essential data on renewables in the 40 countries in the index.