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Why London?

London is a global business hub: one of the world’s leading financial and commercial centres, with an array of talent and many major global company headquarters.

At EY, we understand that small to medium sized enterprises and mid-market sectors are also critical components to the city’s success, and are the pools from which growing, international businesses emerge every year.

Why EY?

We bring our experience of London and its issues together with specific industry knowledge to support businesses operating in London.

We provide access, connectivity and specialist knowledge, and work closely with several professional networks, including LondonFirst, London Chamber of Commerce & Industry, London & Partners and the Confederation of Business Industry, to ensure we deliver the knowledge that will support this city’s growth.

Supporting entrepreneurship in London is at the heart of what we believe, and we work closely with businesses across all the capital’s sectors. Find out more.

EY ITEM Club Winter Forecast 2014-15

EY ITEM Club Winter Forecast 2014-15

Silver lining in the storm clouds turns gold.

London fared particularly well in our 2014 UK Attractiveness Survey

Caroline Artis, Senior London Partner, discusses how London fares in the latest EY UK Attractiveness Survey:

The UK is now Europe’s most attractive location for global investors, up from eighth to fifth place in the worldwide ranking of countries investors see as attractive for FDI over the next three years.

The latest UK Attractiveness Survey shows software investment, which is largely based in London, surged 55% last year, and reveals that, if London were a country, it would be Europe’s 4th largest.