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Global mobility

Employment and social tax compliance and advisory services. Every year EY completes thousands of tax returns for individuals working outside their home country. We are skilled at helping employers and individuals to be tax compliant in all their jurisdictions. Also, we help employers to accurately calculate the payments made under their global mobility programmes.

Managing global business immigration. Immigration and work permit regulations differ from country to country and can cause significant administrative headaches if not handled appropriately, not to mention the distress and embarrassment caused if an international assignee is refused entry to the host country. EY's global immigration team is supported by an integrated network of specialists in more than 140 countries, and will provide support and advice on global immigration issues as well as obtaining the relevant permits and other documentation.

Global mobility programmes and management. The continuing demand for cost containment and cost reduction, and the changing demands of global business have resulted in many changes in the pattern of international assignments in the past few years. We are now seeing a much wider range of international assignment arrangements, with for example more short-term packages and a greater variety of family issues for assignees.

Whether you are already experienced in the field of expatriate and global mobility management, or an organisation which is just starting to manage overseas placements, EY’s experienced global mobility consulting team will be able to advise on benchmark best practice and cost management.

International assignment services. International assignment services – managing the preparation and relocation of assignees, dealing with their ongoing support and payments, and arranging repatriation – is a field where specialist knowledge and closeness to the customer (both the company and the individual) is critical to success.

For many companies this is not a core competence, and outsourcing to those who have the global reach, systems and people to consistently deliver quality service is the best option. EY is an experienced provider of these services and can take over in-house operations with the prospect of lower costs and better services.

Business Immigration – Points Based System and Compliance

With the strengthening of UK Immigration legislation it is more important than ever for employers to remain fully compliant with UK Immigration regulations.

Ensuring internal systems and processes are in place to comply with sponsor duties and illegal working laws are vital to avoid the risks associated with employing migrant workers under the Points Based System.

The Home Office carries out audits, and employers can lose their licence if a company is not compliant with sponsor duties. In addition, there are financial penalties if a company is found to be employing someone illegally.

Employers must ensure sponsor licences are in place before employing any national from outside the EU, and the licensing process can take up to 6 weeks. Planning ahead can avoid delays in bringing migrant workers to the UK for assignments, or extending existing work permission.

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