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Operational Transactions Services

How organisations manage their capital today will define their competitive position tomorrow. Focus on the operational and IT aspects of capital events to create and deliver value is more important now than ever before, whether optimising the use of capital to drive synergies, or de-risking a transaction when investing.

We can help

The operations, IT and industry experience of our team, along with a hands-on pragmatic approach, has helped us deliver value on numerous transactions.

We have a dedicated, global network of professionals focused on helping clients achieve their strategic goals, whether they are acquiring or divesting assets, or undertaking operational restructuring. We believe this comes from a strong foundation of skills and experience in operational and IT planning and execution and a focus on delivering measurable value.

Our focus is pre-transaction and post-transaction in the following areas:

Our service offerings drive value across your capital agenda

EY - The Capital Agenda

The Capital Agenda

OTS provides value add services to clients undergoing capital transformation events

EY - The Capital Agenda

An experienced team

We are a group of experienced industry professionals with a background in IT and Operations who are serial transaction advisers.

We are over 120 strong in the UK and bring a wealth of deep sector and functional knowledge to our clients.

At any one time our team is working with more than 20 companies helping them improve, acquire and/or dispose of businesses.

We are the largest team in Europe, double the size of our nearest competitor.

Our approach is flexible and practical, and our methodologies are built to drive high quality results in time pressured situations.

EY - Our team

Join our growing team

We are actively looking for bright and energetic team members with prior operations and IT experience interested in creating value through transactions and restructuring. Apply here.


Sector insights

EY - Shopper with bag

Retail operations – six success factors for a tough market

Examines how high street retailers have leveraged technology among other things (1.6Mb, March 2013) to weather the storm and even prosper in the face of a general high street downturn.

EY - Food packages in shopping trolley

Unwrapping the packaging industry – seven factors for success

Encapsulates the experience and knowledge we have gathered as an advisor on many of the world’s major packaging transactions 1.3Mb, January 2013.

Transaction insights

EY - Sandstone quarry

Capturing value through carve-outs

Carve-outs are again emerging as an attractive option (1Mb, August 2013) for both sellers and buyers to raise and invest in capital, and there are tactics both can use to improve outcomes.

EY - Racing driver

Driving value through integration

Looks at how buyers can identify hidden upsides – before the deal completes – giving them a true competitive advantage and integrating successfully 1.9Mb, August 2013

EY - Hong Kong Central District

IT as a driver of M&A success

A lack of focus or understanding about the implications of IT in M&A (2.9Mb, August 2013) can lead to significant value erosion, and impact overall deal success.


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How much synergy do you need?

Learn how to gauge deal value and evaluate if the deal model has been adequately tested, including whether it will deliver on planned synergies.

Global corporate divestment study

As the reasons for making divestments (2.3Mb, August 2013) change, our study finds companies still using them as a short-term tactical tool, mainly to raise cash or pay down debt.

Global Capital Confidence Barometer

The Global Capital Confidence Barometer is a regular survey of senior executives from large companies globally, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). This snapshot of our findings gauges corporate confidence in the economic outlook, and identifies boardroom trends around the way companies manage their Capital Agenda.

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To find out more, contact one of our specialists:

EY - Tony Qui Email Tony Qui
Lead Partner
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EY - Michel Driessen Email Michel Driessen
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+44 (0)20 7980 9549

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