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Real Estate Asset Investment Indicator - EY - United Kingdom

Real Estate Asset Investment Indicator

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Although the future of the real estate market remains uncertain, survey respondents predict a shift from traditional bank lending to other sources of capital.

European real estate investors are working with the mindset of where one door shuts, another opens. The industry knows changes are ahead, but the form of those changes is still unclear.

We surveyed 534 real estate investors across 12 countries to determine their predictions for 2012.

Take a closer look at their responses across the following topics:

Key findings

Below are some of the notable results from the survey:

  • Outlook for transactions in real estate assets differs by country
  • Market attractiveness is high across Europe
  • The impact of inflation on real estate investment will vary across the region
  • The Eurozone crisis is likely to adversely impact activity in many markets
  • There's little consensus on the outlook for commercial mortgage–backed securities
  • Equity financing markets are expected to open more widely in 2012
  • Insurers to increase volume of debt financing for real estate transactions
  • Banks are expected to partially reduce mortgage lending

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