Let's talk: sustainability

In this issue, we explore trends in shareholder proposals, GHG emissions, government procurement and more.


Leading practices for audit committees

The role of an audit committee member is increasingly complex and demanding. We share some leading practices to consider.


Optimism slips among finance executives

CFOs continue to be optimistic about the US economy, but less than at the end of 2013, according to a CNBC Global CFO Council poll.


BoardMatters Quarterly: balancing the risks and rewards of digital technology

In this issue, we discuss the challenges and opportunities of current digital technologies with questions for boards and audit committees to consider.


Proxy season preview

Our annual publication examines top areas of investor focus to help boards and management prepare for the 2014 proxy season.


Dodd-Frank rule-making activity

Our publication highlights recent Dodd-Frank rule-making activity for sections of the Act affecting the public company community.


Commitment to executing quality audits

Our 2013 update discusses significant actions and investments EY is making as part of its commitment to continuous improvement in audit quality.


Vision and priorities of new SEC chair

SEC Chair Mary Jo White recently outlined her vision and priorities in a series of public speeches. A new EY report summarizes those perspectives.


BoardMatters Quarterly: dealing with big data

In this issue, we discuss the role of directors in handling big data, and how anti-corruption compliance requires big data analytics.


Reduce social compliance risks in the supply chain

Today's companies need take action to understand and uncover social and labor risks in key geographies. What questions should board members ask their officers?


"Call to Action" to enhance the audit committee report 

Corporate governance and policy organizations published a report recommending enhanced public disclosures. The report also cites a recent EY paper which highlights notable changes in disclosure practices between 2012 and 2013.


2013 proxy season update

This EY report identifies some of the notable changes in audit committee-related disclosure practices between 2012 and 2013.


Top 10 governance trends

The new report from EY's Corporate Governance Center reviews emerging governance trends coming out of the proxy season.


BoardMatters Quarterly, private company governance

In this issue, a venture capitalist shares his perspective as a board member and investor. We also explore private company board service, family business planning and financial reporting.


Unique boards, unique issues (pdf, 2.6mb)

Company size can affect how boards or companies operate. The June issue of BoardMatters Quarterly explores this and the debate on perceived tax avoidance.


Cybersecurity: considerations for the audit committee

Audit committee members increasingly list cybersecurity as a top concern. We explore the issue and provide questions for the audit committee to consider.


Value of sustainability reporting

Sustainability reporting has emerged as a common practice of 21st-century business. Our study explores the benefits of reporting and the Global Reporting Initiative framework.


Six growing trends in corporate sustainability

As shareholders speak up and companies begin connecting risk management and corporate sustainability, environmental issues become more prominent on company agendas.


Shoot for the moon

A veteran, active and diverse board is a critical factor in the successful expansion of a company. Learn from entrepreneurs who’ve gotten it right.


Recognizing and measuring financial assets and liabilities

Our Financial services matters (pdf, 208.3kb) publication explores the potential practical effects of the FASB's proposal. Our Practical Matters for the c-suite (pdf, 515.9kb) explores the effect on organization's finance, tax, IT systems and business processes.


BoardMatters Quarterly - April 2013 (pdf, 1.5mb)

This issue features articles on shareholder engagement, cybersecurity risks and compliance issues related to conflict minerals and OTC derivatives.


Proxy season 2013 preview (pdf, 876.5kb)

We examine the top areas of governance focus for investors.


Business pulse

Forecasting the future is risky. Our report takes the pulse of current thinking, insights and expectations from industry executives and Ernst & Young specialists.


Credit loss proposal

Entities across all industries will be affected by the FASB proposal on credit losses. Our Practical Matters for the c-suite (pdf, 454.3kb)  and the financial institutions version (pdf, 721.3kb) will help you prepare for the proposed accounting changes.


Impact of the Fiscal Cliff deal

The Ernst & Young Center for Tax Policy video expresses our "Point of View" on what the Fiscal Cliff deal means for taxpayers and tax policy.


Getting on board 

Women are joining boards at higher rates, although progress is slow. Our report explores progress made to increase gender diversity on US corporate boards.


BoardMatters Quarterly - January 2013 (pdf, 1.8mb)

This issue explores how boards and management can work together to best represent their stakeholders..


Committed to executing quality audits (pdf, 1.2mb)

A decade after the enactment of SOX, Ernst & Young continues significant reforms and investment to meet increasing challenges in the regulatory environment.


Reporting magazine

Issue four explores how successful businesses are reacting to rapid changes in risks, opportunities and stakeholder sentiment while keeping long-term trends under review.


OTC derivatives reform

All users of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives will need to take action to comply with Dodd-Frank’s Title VII. Our publications offer insights on the impacts (pdf, 6.7mb) of the new regulation and compliance issues (pdf, 1mb) .


Audit committee annual evaluation of the external auditor (pdf, 580.5kb)

The National Association of Corporate Directors released this tool intended to help audit committees evaluate the quality of audit services.


Driving value with integrated reporting

Integrated reporting is driving value by combining financial and non-financial information into a single, investor-grade document. Our new "5" Series article illustrates the opportunities that integrated reporting presents.


BoardMatters Quarterly - September 2012 (pdf, 1.1mb) 

Corporate governance has changed quite a bit in the last two decades. We explore the issues facing corporate boards today.


2012 health care provider report

As we enter a new horizon in health care, the ability to collaborate is a core competency. We provide considerations for executives and board members in this new era.


Audit committee ViewPoints

Members of the Audit Committee Leadership Network discussed the audit committee's evaluation of the audit and the external auditor (pdf, 145.2kb) and had a dialogue with. James Kroeker (pdf, 146kb) on the SEC current agenda (pdf, 146kb) .


Four key trends of the 2012 proxy season

Our report reviews the emerging trends coming out of the 2012 season and how these trends compare with the historical governance landscape.


It’s more than the numbers   

Opportunities in rapid-growth economies and the changing corporate governance, risk, fraud and regulatory landscape all feature in the latest edition of Reporting magazine.


The Sarbanes-Oxley Act at 10 (pdf, 2.2mb)  

Our report reviews the Act’s key provisions, offers perspectives on some improvements engendered by SOX and highlights opportunities for further enhancements to the financial reporting system.


Examining the modern audit committee (pdf, 2.2mb)   

This issue of BoardMatters Quarterly shares how some audit committees are managing expanding workloads and increased responsibilities.


Supreme Court upholds Affordable Care Act 

With the Court's decision, compliance efforts likely will move ahead at full speed with major provisions becoming effective in 2013 and 2014.


The evolving role of today's CFO

Ernst & Young interviewed CFOs to learn their views on the evolving responsibilities of top finance executives. How is their role changing, and what does the future hold?


Audit committee chairs share their thoughts

Members of the Audit Committee Leadership Networks in Europe and North America met to discuss audit policy initiatives in the EU and US (pdf, 273kb) , oversight of political risk (pdf, 217.2kb)  and credit rating agencies (pdf, 198.4kb) .


Proxy season 2012 - early voting results (pdf, 801.5kb) 

Our Proxy Perspective provides a view into early 2012 voting patterns and shareholder campaigns.


Leading corporate sustainability issues this proxy season

Investors continue to challenge companies on hot-button environmental and social issues through the submission of shareholder resolutions and engagement initiatives.


Trends in proxy statement disclosure (pdf, 1.5mb) 

Companies are using the proxy statement as a strategic tool to strengthen board communications with shareholders.


Audit committees: leading practices and trends

Outlines key considerations for audit committees as they focus on risk oversight, committee composition and self assessment.


Addressing audit committee overload

Audit committee members discuss how they are managing the work overload by improving efficiencies and processes.


Navigating global business issues

This issue of BoardMatters Quarterly focuses on international business matters and related risks.


Six growing trends in corporate sustainability

Sustainability efforts are well integrated at many companies. We explore key trends and next steps organizations can take to move them forward even further.


What does “hedge or mitigate commercial risk” mean?

Our whitepaper, co-authored by Haynes and Boone, examines the definition of “hedge or mitigate commercial risk” and why it is an important classification under Dodd-Frank.


Globalization and new strategies for growth

Our third annual globalization report shows that global integration is stronger than ever. Some integration could amplify potential risks ahead.


A tale of two markets

We explore the new set of challenges CFOs face in balancing investments across developed and rapid-growth markets and communicating that balance to the investor.


Investors’ perspectives on financial reporting

Find out how audit committee members can communicate a cohesive story to their investors about the financial positions of their companies.


How high performers compete in difficult times

High performers have been more successful than others in identifying and responding to opportunities to maximize their potential market. These are the key findings of the Ernst & Young Growing Beyond report.


BoardMatters Quarterly: focus on the future

This issue of BoardMatters Quarterly looks at the expanding challenges facing audit committees and recent SEC activities.


Current economic conditions

The downgrade by S&P of the long-term sovereign credit rating of the United States has contributed to the recent volatility in the capital markets. Our Technical Line discusses a number of financial reporting considerations.


Sustainability and the CFO's role

CFOs are getting involved in the management, measurement and reporting of the companies’ sustainability activities. Read how sustainability issues and financial performance have begun to intertwine.


2011 Health care provider report

Our annual report highlights the challenges of health care's new path forward from regulatory oversight to technological advances.


Wall Street reform

A year after Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, public companies should assess their progress and preparedness as various provisions are implemented.


Tax policy and controversy

Tax policies have continued to evolve swiftly over the past quarter, perhaps at a faster pace than we have seen since the height of the financial crisis. Tax policy issues are becoming a top priority at the C-suite and board level. Stay up to date with our briefing.


Changes on the horizon

As audit committees and companies contemplate how to deal with a number of new accounting issues and a rapidly changing business environment, our latest issue of BoardMatters Quarterly explores some of the more significant developments, including questions about the role of the auditor and changes to accounting standards.


Practical steps for global companies to evaluate and address corruption risk

Corruption risk continues to be a significant concern for global companies. The trend of increased Department of Justice and SEC enforcement of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act continues in the US. We provide suggestions for how large and mid-size companies should go about evaluating their corruption risks and put a program in place to address these risks responsibly.


Competing for growth

World-class companies are now found everywhere, and in the rapid-growth markets, prudent fiscal policies are now the rule rather than the exception. Our report, Globalization 3.0, looks at a dynamic group of leading companies now dominant in rapid-growth markets.