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2014 Maryland finalists

The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 finalists have a lot to celebrate. They've built their dream companies. Expanded. Innovated. And now EY is recognizing them for their achievements. Help us congratulate these outstanding entrepreneurs. Join us at this years event and see who will take home top honors.


2014 Finalist Rebecca Hoffberger

Rebecca Hoffberger
American Visionary Art Museum
2014 Finalist Christopher Toleman
Christopher Toleman
Arocon Roofing and Construction LLC
2014 Finalist Christopher Brandt
Christopher Brandt
Audacious Inquiry, LLC
Kevin Switick
2014 Finalist Mike Battle
Mike Battle
Battle Resource Management, Inc.
2014 Finalist Kevin Cashen
Kevin Cashen
Bay Bank
2014 Maryland finalist Chuck Faughnan
Chuck Faughnan III
Bridges Consulting, Inc.
2014 Maryland finalist JM Schapiro
J.M. Schapiro III
Continental Realty Corporation
2014 Maryland finalist David Costello
David Costello
Costello Construction
2014 Finalist Vlad Friedman
Vlad Friedman
Edgewebhosting, Inc.
2014 Finalist Charles Werhane
Charles Werhane
Enterprise Community Investment
2014 Finalist Robert Graybill
Robert Graybill
FMS Solutions
2014 Finalist Kwame Kuadey
Kwame Kuadey
2014 Finalist David Block
David Block
Gliknik, Inc.
2014 Finalist Ethan Giffin
Ethan Giffin
2014 Maryland finalist Bruce Zwicker
Bruce Zwicker
2014 Finalist Jacky Kimmel
Jacky Kimmel
InfoTeK Corporation
2014 Finalist Philip Green
Philip Green
Intelligent Solutions for Information Systems, LLC
2014 Finalist Doug Stewart
Doug Stewart
Milestone Intelligence Group, Inc.
2014 Finalist Todd Marks
Todd Marks
2014 Finalist Bill Kraus and Steve Newton
Bill Kraus
Steve Newton
Mission BBQ
2014 Finalist Linda Abell
Linda Abell
Security Vault Works, Inc.
2014 Finalist Rick Wuest
Rick Wuest
Thompson Creek Window Company
2014 Finalist Chris Mechanic
Chris Mechanic
2014 Finalist Ryan Sysko
Ryan Sysko
WellDoc, Inc.