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2014 Maryland winners

The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 Maryland award winners are:

2014 Finalist Kevin Cashen
Business Services
Kevin B. Cashen

Bay Bank, FSB

2014 Finalist Kwame Kuadey
Consumer and Technology Services
Kwame Kuadey


2014 Finalist Rick Wuest

Family Business
Rick Wuest

Thompson Creek Window Company

2014 Maryland finalist Bruce Zwicker
Bruce A. Zwicker


2014 Finalist Christopher Brandt
Christopher Brandt

Audacious Inquiry, LLC

2014 Maryland finalist JM Schapiro

Real Estate and Construction
J.M. Schapiro

Continental Realty Corporation

2014 Finalist Linda Abell

Linda Abell

Security Vault Works, Inc.

2014 Finalist Bill Kraus and Steve Newton

Social Entrepreneur
Bill Kraus and Steve Newton

Mission BBQ