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Leading with passion, vision and achievement.

EY's Entrepreneur Of The Year Award honors the most outstanding entrepreneurs who inspire others with their passion, vision and achievement. We hope you’ll share the vision and nominate someone in your community, or even yourself, to be named among the next generation of business leaders. The 2013 nomination period is closed. Next January, nominations will open for 2014. Please contact us then to nominate an entrepreneur for consideration next year.



An Entrepreneur Of The Year nominee must be:

  • an owner or manager of a private or public company with primary responsibility for the recent performance of the company
  • an active member of top management
  • Non-founding entrepreneurs are also eligible if the individual manages the business and assumes the associated risks.

The nominee’s company must be:

  • at least two years old for Emerging category candidates (companies two to five years old)
  • three years or older for all other categories

Realize the benefits of participation

  • Participation in the awards process elevates your company’s brand awareness, which contributes to valuable network-building in your local business community and beyond.
  • Award winners become members of the Winners Network, an online community of leading entrepreneurs who can share experiences and become powerful business connections.

How winners are selected  

Nominees are evaluated by an independent panel of judges. The judges are past winners and business and community leaders. The judges review each nominee based on the following criteria.

  • Vision: creating or improving a business concept and implementing it effectively
  • Leadership: demonstrating the focus and strength of character that enable an entrepreneur to move forward — and inspire a team to do the same — despite skeptics and obstacles
  • Achievement: driving business success by going beyond developing an idea to continual innovation in order to generate new ideas
  • Social responsibility: knowing that commitment and responsibility aren’t confined to business and leveraging energies and resources to give back to the community

Learn more  

We invite you to review the Nominee guide (pdf, 5.3mb)  to learn more about applying to the program.