2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Ashar Aziz
Founder, Vice Chairman, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Strategy Officer
FireEye, Inc.

The entrepreneurial philosophy of Ashar Aziz — solving the biggest problems presents the greatest opportunities — resulted in the development of a sophisticated network security platform that provides real-time threat protection from malware and cyber-attacks for enterprises and governments.

In 2004, after developing its core security product, the FireEye team lost focus, and the company had an undefined market for its product moving forward. At the time, customers could not envision the future cyber-attack landscape. Further, IT managers did not believe that malware was a true threat to networks. One of Ashar’s biggest challenges was bringing the platform technology to market and persuading customers that future cyber-attacks were a real and serious threat.

Seeing an opportunity in the inevitability of the problems of cyber-attacks, FireEye soon defined its future. Today, FireEye’s technology prevents cyber-attack and malware invasion for more than 1,000 customers, including multiple Fortune 100 businesses and 60 critical federal agencies.