2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Dave Bateman
Property Solutions International, Inc.

Recognize the need, then create a solution. That’s the story of Dave Bateman’s successful entrepreneurial journey.

While still a student, Dave foresaw the benefit in creating an online portal that would simplify property management processes and resident transactions. He took his award-winning entry in a business plan competition and fashioned Property Solutions International, offering a variety of web-based tools for leasing, rent collection, marketing and management.

In a business world of ever-increasing momentum, Dave recognized the need to scale the company and move fast enough to meet client demands. That need — coupled with the scarcity of development resources — led him to found an offshore sister company to fulfill Property Solutions International’s development needs.

Now, 10 years old and with more than 300 employees, Property Solutions International’s practical, usable technology benefits more than 20,000 apartment communities across the US.