2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Dr. Stuart Bernsen
Founder and CEO
Chiro One Wellness Centers

Entering chiropractic services was, in a sense, kismet for Dr. Stuart Bernsen. It was the profession that his grandfather implored a young Stuart to study, and its basic principle — the body has the ability to heal itself — is echoed in his favorite blockbuster movie, Star Wars.

Fifteen years after receiving that nudge, Stuart opened his chiropractic practice. He shared his knowledge with chiropractic residents who went on to establish practices of their own. In 2006, he realized that he and his former residents were competing with one another while facing the same back office and practice management burdens. Inspired, he brought everyone together under one company and became Chiro One Wellness Centers.

Today, Chiro One practitioners focus on delivering standardized, affordable, high-quality care. Its 78 locations use one central administrative office, and the company is structured so doctors can focus on giving patients a health and wellness experience.

Given his success, one can certainly say that Stuart has had “The Force” on his side.