2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Donna Browning
Founder and Owner
Sweaty Bands Inc.

After hearing complaints from her fitness clients that confirmed her own personal annoyance with headbands that would not stay in place, lifelong health and fitness advocate Donna Browning decided to put hair in its place. She went to work in her basement with a borrowed sewing machine and $100 worth of fabric and grosgrain ribbon, and the fitness headbands known as Sweaty Bands were born.

In 2007, Donna invested her own funds into building inventory and establishing a website. She faced challenges along the way, such as low-quality, copycat competitors and the difficulty of attracting quality talent when operating as a self-funded company.

When the company expanded its inventory, Donna discovered that Sweaty Bands’ online ordering system could not meet customer demand. She worked through the challenges and launched a new website in 2012. Today, customers can order Sweaty Bands online and purchase them from more than 2,000 resort and boutique retailers as well as select Nordstrom stores.