2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Janice Bryant Howroyd
Founder and CEO
Act-1 Group

In 1978, Janice Bryant Howroyd founded her staffing agency, Act-1 Group, with one desk and a phone.

Today, Act-1 is a multimillion-dollar, global large-enterprise staffing and workforce management company. She built the company on two principles: the “WOMB” method, a market strategy that stands for “Word Of Mouth, Brother!,” and her personal belief that you must “keep the humanity in human resources.” She has done so by guaranteeing companies that she would deliver qualified employees or return their money.

As Act-1 expanded and Janice developed her markets, she became known for establishing lifelong relationships with job seekers, clients and professionals in the human capital industry. Currently, Act-1 has locations in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Brazil and India, with plans for further expansion into Germany, France and China over the next two years.