2013 Road to Palm Springs

Finalist profile

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Joe Burgess
President and CEO
Aegion Corporation

Known for his charisma and ability to deliver for shareholders, Joe Burgess inspires the Aegion Corporation team with a simple mantra — “no good idea will go unfunded” — that promotes a culture of employee entrepreneurialism and rewards engineers for stretching their skills and developing innovative customer solutions.

Joe left a successful, stable career at a multinational corporation to lead Aegion’s predecessor firm, which was plagued by low earnings, a proxy battle, stagnant revenue and a single-product/single-market growth strategy. He ultimately won the proxy battle, completely changed the company’s culture and direction, diversified offerings, and reorganized the company for efficiency.

Today Aegion is a “pay for performance” culture that rewards high performers by investing in employees’ good ideas. Joe’s mantra continues to enable Aegion to leverage all of its strengths to serve high-growth markets and deliver for shareholders.