2013 Road to Palm Springs

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Paul Capriolo
Social Growth Technologies, Inc.

Could you imagine every day being Monday? Paul Capriolo can. In fact, that’s his wish. Why? So he and his team would have the whole week in front of them to build awesome technology that changes the social game market.

While most of his college classmates were aspiring to become software engineers, Paul started his first venture, Now or Never. He later sold it and went to work for its acquirer.

Upon earning his master’s degree in 2009, Paul and his friend Patrick Jenkins founded Social Growth Technologies. Paul quickly took over the CEO role, and he has led the company’s growth from two employees to 30 today.

Paul leads with the same entrepreneurial spirit that has helped his college idea become one of the largest in-game monetization platforms. With a company that’s been on top of its game almost from the beginning, it’s easy to see why he meets Mondays with a smile.